english 1st edition base set holo bleeds

Has anyone ever came across holo bleeds from the English 1st edition base set print run? I had never heard or seen any before until this Hitmonchan I got in a collection I bought yesterday! There is a couple foreign language ones on ebay I saw when I looked it up after I got it, but none were English. I have seen unlimited English base set holo bleeds but not too many or frequently. The holo bleed is hard to capture on my outdated phone camera but I managed to capture a few angles. Take a look and let me know what you think and know! You may have to tilt your phone or laptop screen a certain way to get it to show right.

I don’t notice anything


Like I said it’s hard to see, you’ll have to try tilting your screen in different angles to see it. It’s suttle to begin with but it’s there! I tried to get the little stars dead center in the blue circles if that helps

Any holo WOTC card can have the holo bleed in theory. I dont really understand the fascination with it personally.


It’s this month’s oddity. Next month we’ll see a rise in upside cards or something.

I sometimes wonder if it’s “bleed” or if it’s scratches on the surface that showcase the holo pattern underneath.

It’s definitely not because of scratches. some of them can actually be quite nice if its well visible. If the bleed is only barely visible then it’s nothing special imo. I wouldn’t pay extra for them, but some do.

This is probably one of the nicest ones I have, the video doesn’t really showcase it well enough but the “bleed” is all over the card, even on borders.

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It’s like a Harley, the more chrome the better! The more holo, the better haha

Duuuude, that card is exceptional!