Help with Noppin and shipping experiences/suggestions

Hi guys I have never used noppin, but recently to purachase some expensive gold stars I had to, because Buyee wasnt alowing me too… Now Im just wondering what you do for noppin with shipping because I know buyee combines stuff and puts into an envelope. I got 2 cards will noppin cobine them or should I ask them to put them IN a box or In a thin envelope thingy… Let me know, because your shipping experiences with them will help me with my decision alot. Thanks. :grin:

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They generally will put the items in whatever is cheapest. Usually a box or envelope

I see… hopefully a box. What do you do with them?

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A box? I recycle them. I usually keep a couple in case I need to reuse them.

I mean like, do you ask noppin to chuckl your stuff into one of there boxes or do you let them do whatever on expensive cards just your general cards you get from there :blush:

No they do all the packaging themselves. No need to worry about specifications. When I ordered just an Eevee card, it came in an envelope, but generally they are in boxes

When Michael says envelope he doesnt mean just a letter envelope.

They have never sent my cards to me in anything less than in between 2 thick pieces of cardboard inside an EMS envelope.


Just curious for those of you who have used my middleman service but opt for Noppin … I’d love to know why, and hopefully earn your business back :blush:

I’m OK with all feedback, positive or negative :blush:

I had to… I messaged you about these cards, but because you be busy, so I had no choice but to get with noppin :confused: These cards aint getting out of my fingers lol, but I’d still like to have them shipped to you when there expensive like this and pay you what middleman fee would have been anyway. The other cards from this seller went within 10 minutes of the auction being up and I know who got to them before me… I HAD NO CHOICE BRUH!!!

So they must know there shit and not bend shit and, staff must know what to do with cards then I suppose. I have been using buyee for ages now instead of noppin and never used noppin but had to use noppin cause buyee wouldnt let me buy off dis seller. I am hearing buyee is one of the worst, and that noppin is one of the best ones. Trust me to use the shittest of the lot, and not be aware of it :grin:

Still Japananime your service is the best and have never recieved such excellent packaging der boi.

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I think a lot of it is simply availability. Your service is fantastic. Personal and trustworthiness is 10/10.

Noppin is there 24/7, and automatically bids for me. I would get a little self conscious and feel guilt constantly bombarding you with messages saying ‘Hey, here are 7 different listings can you bid x,y,z on this, this, that and this.’
I don’t think it’s fair of anybody to expect you to drop everything to bid on things for us whenever we want.

However, if there were something with a big BIN price on there, and I had you available to nab it for me. I’d much prefer using your service.


Does your service extend to just Y!J? Would you also be able to go to Pokemon Centers as well?

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yEAH it seams the buy it now is best your service, and you would need to be doing next to nothing to get every single bid from everyone like millhouse said there is so many. I mean I bid on so freaking many anyway, you would recieve a message every 10 seconds. =0