Experience with Buyee Extra Protection Packing for Shipping

Hi just wondering if anyones ever gotten the Experience with Buyee Extra Protection Packing for Shipping, if they handled everything proper, and if it’s worth it. Any risk of them peeps damaging your cards?

IMO it is a waste. All they do is add those air filled bags to the box. Ultimately it’s up to the original shipper to make sure your cards are packaged nicely. Which they often aren’t.

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yeah you think they would add all the original packing into an actual box because everytime I get a horrible flat cardboard thingy.

I’ve only used regular shipping for buyee. They seem to package the cards properly where I’ve never had any damaged from shipping. Then again YahooJapan doesn’t usually explain condition very well. I would say just use the regular shipping offered. I also wish buyee would let you buy multiple items from the same seller for one fee instead of 700 Yen per item…


He said he wishes.

I just found 2 services - JapaMart, and FromJapan.

They say they combine the fee if purchased from 1 seller, but it’s a bit difficult to get everything lined up. I have to send them a Request form and a few other things So I’m trying to work this out and see if its all good.

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found another one called Jauce, and it seems to be a alot easier to organise the combining.

Ben. Just contact Japanime on here. He is my other middleman. He has the best rates.

Yeah I did, hopefully doing some stuff soon if I dont go bankrupt in my current bids.

I think I must start using Glenn because the last package I received off buyee cost me far too much in shipping for me to then receive a ripped box which as a result damaged 2 of the corners on the latias/latios theatre VS deck in there :confused:

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Yeah thats balls man. The Glenn dude has never had any problems with peoples stuff, so it sounds like the way to go with the shizz.

Hi I know this has been settled but it sort of hasnt now because a few things… I just got my buyee msg for all my really expsive as gold stars I won, and Im wondering if i should add the protective packing. Someone here said they put bubble bags in the cardboard thin thingy… All of my stuff from yahoo has been mailed to me in a Thin Flat cardboard Letter, and If they put my gold stars in that and then add bubble bags… Wouldnt that damage the shit out of the cards because it would make the letter go unco and push up against the cards? They wouldn’t do that would they? You think they would grab your cards and put them in a box, and not that thin letter thing. So I suppose what I’m saying is… Do they put your cards in a box as apposed to a wobbly ass letter with this extra packing service?

As I’ve said before mate, the protective packaging just isn’t worth it. There literally isn’t any real protection to it mate. I certainly won’t be paying for it again.

So they didnt even provide A BOX? If so this is pretty shit. Did they put puffy air bags in the original letter for you? Did it cause warping/ wierd shape of the Letter?

They provided a box and the air bags, but at the end of it all, it was just a stack of parcels shoved into one corner which were easily damaged if they were crushed.

To me the real issue is the original posters not even putting them in sleeves or top loaders.

Ohhh man, they provide a box… Hmmm these are definitely cards in Deck protectors. What to do, the box would provide extra protection and less chance of bendidge and damage. No chance of the actual air bags damaging the cards you reckon?

Maybe I should ship them to Japananime and he can properly ship them. I will pay him of course, from what I have seen… I have never recieved damaged stuff because australia is pretty close. Ehh so I went ahead with the shipment of normal method for all the cards… Should be fine, if anything turns out bads, i will make sure For high price stuff be shipped to japananime if I can. LOL. Thanks for your help Oz.enigma, it be very helpful and shiz.

Anytime mate. I firmly believe their extra protection doesn’t help.

When doing combined shipping, you get a box anyway.

I have never gotten a box and I have combined my shipping each time from different people. How strange. Its always a flat cardboard letter thingy.