Customs/middle men

God damn Customs, I really hate them I had to wait 3 hours in customs for a package full of cards from Japan and I had to pay $158 in taxes, ludicrous!

Worst off was that they didn’t accept Bills larger than $20 and the only ATM there was from a bank I don’t use, customs is about 45 minutes from my place so it’s a hassle to go.

As for the middleman service I use, they rock except they have this stupid rule of the shipping address being the one from your Paypal and if you want to change it well TOO BAD, I wanted to send these to my US address and they just said sorry but no, it’s for “our protection”, from what? You’re already sending it insured and via EMS with tracking which is what PP needs to close any dispute. I already have spent well over $1,500 with them and they still give me a hard time. :angry:

Argh so pissed off right now! That package had the Special Jumbo cards I had ordered to boot and I’m afraid they’re going to toss the opened package back into storage without being careful.

I only ship to Paypal addresses too unless the money is gifted. Having been an inaugural member of Paypal there is much I’m happy about their service but one thing I would change is having multiple confirmed addresses per acct. That would have solved yours, and many others problems.

Back in 1999 on the old USA yahoo auctions we would sell cards for a buck then get the buyer to sign up and pay thru Paypal and Paypal would give us 5.00 for each one lol. If you wonder how they grew so fast and later became a major acquisition by eBay…well now you know lol. Pretty smart…

Wow — I forgot all about that PayPal signup campaign! Yeah, I made a few bucks off of that back then, too. Good times!

As for middlemen, I honestly think that a lot of folks here are being taken for a ride. You need to find a middleman you actually know and trust — not some “company” that is probably not even operating under Japanese tax laws. (And those middlemen who are charging you extra to cover PayPal fees are doing so in direct violation of the credit card industry’s regulations, so it’s possible your “guaranteed payment” is at risk anyway anyway.)

I’d be happy to make purchases on behalf of the members here, and not hold them to ridiculous “we only ship to PayPal-confirmed address” or “cover our PayPal fees” requirements.

If interested, send a PM.

Japanime I use to have a friend in Japan who did this for me but somehow he hasn’t responded to any of my emails for a couple years. If you could do this that would be awesome and greatly appreciated.

I need to make sure proboards has enough memory to store all of the pm’s you are about to receive. :blush:

But seriously that is very generous of you Glenn!

That’s very nice of you Glenn, it would certainly be awesome!

Glenn…do you know what your getting yourself into? If so then everyone here will go thru you;) I believe most of us would rather YOU make the fees than those company’s.

Hi everyone … I haven’t replied to any of the PMs yet, but will get to them shortly.

I wanted to clarify here, publicly, however, that I’m not offering to do this completely free of charge. I’d still like to earn a small percentage of every transaction that I conduct on someone’s behalf.

What I meant by saying I wouldn’t ask for PayPal fees is that I won’t make you cover the fee that PayPal charges me when I accept a payment. To do that is in direct violation of PayPal’s rules, and would put my account in jeopardy.

I still feel I can do this as a cost much lower than what the middlemen are charging you. Of course, that’s the role I would be entering — that of middleman. But, hopefully, it would be smoother for everyone involved.

Now, having said that publicly, I will be happy to address any further questions any of you might have.



People were expecting you to do it for free? How preposterous!
If you don’t mind sharing publicly, how much do you think you will charge?

Certainly you need to turn enough profit to make it worth your time Glenn, otherwise you’ll tire of it;)
Paypal payments can be made as gifts so there’s no fees for you either. Operating on trust is pretty safe here since most have done many honest transactions.

Hi everyone,

Just to further clarify … nobody was asking me to do it for free, either. I just didn’t want anyone thinking otherwise. I think we’ve got a very realistic and trustworthy group of collectors here!

So, yes, I’ll be asking for compensation, but I still think it will be much better than what the middlemen have been taking.

I’ll still sorting out the pay structure and comparing it to how Treasure Japan and Noppin operate. (if there are other services that any of you use that you wish me to examine, please let me know.)

Shopping Mall Japan (SMJ) is also a big middleman.

Another quick update.

I know several of you are interested in possibly buying cards through me. And I’m interested in helping you, too :blush:

I’ve been really busy with a couple of book publishing projects this week, and it’s kept me from putting together a middleman plan.

Please bear with me. I’m certain I can make it worth your wait!


OK, I’ve reviewed the various fees and add-ons being charged by the two leading services, Treasure Japan and Noppin.

Before I get into the details, however, I want you all to ask yourself one question: What do you really know about the middleman service you are currently using?

I had the same question myself. So, I did the first thing I always do when checking out an online business: a “whois” search on their domain name. And this is what I found:” is hiding behind a service that keeps the information of the domain registrant private. No name. No address. No phone number. Those are three very big red flags. I also could not find an address or phone number on the treasure-japan website. Conclusion: I am unable to verify whether this is legitimate business registered with authorities in Japan. Unless and until I could find out who exactly runs this service, and whether it is a legitimate business, I personally would not transact with” is registered to a Mr. Masamichi Kuge. The address given for the the registrant is 2-1-4 Maimatsubara, Higashi-ku, Fukuoka-shi. The registrant’s phone number is also provided. Google’s street view shows this to be an unmarked (no sign) business space on the first floor of an apartment building. In fact, the street view is so clear, you can see a bunch of cardboard boxes piled inside the store. The lack of a sign concerns me, but otherwise it looks legit. (I was also able to find a LinkedIn page for Mr. Kuge, which is further reassurance that his business is registered.) Based on my initial investigation, I would feel relatively comfortable transacting with But — and this is a big but — I would not send payment via PayPal, since adds a PayPal surcharge despite PayPal’s explicit policy prohibiting such surcharges.

And, in the spirit of full disclosure, here is what you will find if you do a “whois” search for “” (my company’s domain): My name, my address, my phone number, and the fact that my domain has been registered since 1998 ( was registered in 2008, in 2009). My company name — Japanime Yugengaisha — is not listed on the record; however, that information can be found by looking up our our domain name (our publishing imprint’s website).

With that out of the way, here is what I am offering for those who wish to bid on auctions through my company:

NO PAYPAL SURCHARGES — With me, you’ll pay the final closing cost of the auction (plus any auction-related closing fees, taxes and bank-transfer fees.) Treasure Japan and Noppin charge up to 3.8 percent on top of that. They tell you this is to cover their transaction fees. I call it giving them free money.

NO STORAGE FEES - Storage fees are one of the more ridiculous add-on charges that other middleman services demand. Noppin seems to have storage space. For all I know, Treasure Japan is being run out of some housewife’s apartment that she shares with her chain-smoking husband and their Poke-curious son. (If anyone cares to provide me with the return address taken off of a Treasure Japan package, I’d be happy to check the location so we can scrutinize my theory.) In the meantime, I shudder to think that the Tamamushi University Magikarp you just won on Yahoo Japan auctions might be left lying next to the coffee table ashtray or stuffed into a shoebox in junior’s room for “safe keeping” while Treasure Japan awaits your shipping instructions!

I own a four-story building with a 2,000-square-foot storeroom and a state-of-the-art security system. Which means I have plenty of space to properly store your purchases until you’re ready for me to ship them to you.

NO REPACKAGING FEES — Another ridiculous add-on by other middleman services. In fact, everything I purchase on your behalf will be repackaged for safe overseas shipping. (If you ask for “special” packaging — i.e. every Pokemon card put into a penny sleeve and then placed into a toploader, that might incur an additional fee. We can discuss this on a case-by-case basis.)

NO INSPECTION FEES: I read that Noppin charges 3,000 yen per hour if you are having more than 10 items shipped to you and want them inspected beforehand! Are you kidding me? They charge you to make sure they put everything into the box?! Everything I purchase on your behalf will be inspected to ensure you get what you paid for. That way, if the seller has shipped me bogus merchandise, you won’t get stuck with it.

DEPOSIT — This is one area where I agree with the other middleman services. If you want to bid on an auction, you must cover that bid beforehand. I prefer to do this through through PayPal. If you have an alternate preferred method of payment, let me know and we can discuss it.

COMMISSION — For bids 3,000 yen and less, I am asking 20 percent of the final bid. For bids greater than 3,000 yen, I’m asking 15 percent. This is a flat fee, no matter the number of items purchased or the amount of the auction. This makes my commission lower than Noppin on everything except purchases that exceed 60,000 yen (when you factor in all of their add-on costs). My commission is lower than Treasure-Japan on everything except purchases that exceed 10,000 yen. (So, if you are already using Treasure Japan and regularly win auctions that cost 10,000 yen or more, you will spend less with them than with me.)

SHIPPING AND HANDLING — This is another area where Treasure Japan and Noppin squeeze a few more yen out of you. If you win an auction through me, you will only be responsible for the actual cost of having the merchandise delivered by the seller to my location, and then from me to you. That’s it. None of this “surcharge by weight” or “surcharge by measurement” nonsense.

CONCLUSION: I believe my prices are better — way better — than Noppin except for the priciest of items. And I can beat Treasure-Japan on items with final bids less than 10,000 yen. For everything in-between, it comes down with whom you trust the most to bid on your behalf.

I’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have.

IM IN!!! Just tell me when you start

There is so many 100-1000 YEN items i ant but by time i add a minimum 500YEN fee + the rest from Noppin there’s no value left.

My last card was Y600 after fees (buy fee and bank transfer and 3.5% payment) and postage total = Y1570 -.-

1 question i will ask would you offer a multiplier on deposits? Maybe from trusted buyers or something similar? or maybe something you could earn?

Right — those other services nickel and dime you with their additional fees. With me, you’ll pay a flat-rate commission, no matter how many or few items.

I can’t stress enough that the 3.5 percent to 3.8 percent “fee” that those other services are charging is flat-out in violation of PayPal’s policies. If they get caught doing that, PayPal could cut them off. And if that happens, good luck in trying to get your money back.

Worst part is they even charger you 3.5% on the 13.5% commission

I wish you had done this a few weeks ago! I just paid the same amount in fees as my items cost using treasure japan -___-

Anyways, I have a few small things I would like to order, so I will be messaging you soon :grin:

P.S. I will get you the return address for Treasure Japan when my packages come in.

Count me in please. :blush: