Japanese Middleman

Hello guys there are a few items on Yahoojapan that I really want to purchase items end in less than a week) but my middle man is on vacation and cant bid on them for me so I was wondering if any of you guys are able to do so? or you can recommend some other company/person that would do it for a good deal. My middle man charges me 3% of the purchase and $3 so around that price would be good.

Woah who is your middleman?

We generally use Treasure Japan or Noppin. I don’t think they’d get you around 3% though

I got my middleman from a guy I made a lot of purchases from. He said he knew of a group of guys that are trying to make a business of this type of job and they need some clients :stuck_out_tongue: They are reallly fast but they are gone this week for vacation and there are a few auctions i really want to win!

Are they expensive cards? If not, both Noppin and treasure japan are reputable. With Noppin, you can put in instant bids, but it’ll cost you more in fees.

TJ are cheaper but you run the risk of them putting your bid in late.

Curious as to what you have your eye on :blush:

LOL! Ill send you a Pm!

I think you’ll be shocked in terms of costs… You’re getting an amazing deal I think with your middleman so it’s a shame that you can’t get access to them now.

The question is, are you willing to spend the additional amount? If I were you, I would wait. The cards you want, whilst amazing cards, are also not expensive - and they will turn up again

Ok thanks Dogma =) I really want to complete the Pal City Cards. I really like the idea and look of them.

They are amazing :blush: And I want them too - but I guess I know that eventually I’ll get my hands on them, you just have to not get tempted to buy them expensively. I have done that a few times and I guess you learn your lesson :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT:Are you talking about these? They’ve got scratches on them, be careful!

One of them that the guy has is mint the others are bad off =) I only need that one and the magikarp one.

The Magikarp one is the most common though! Trust me, not only can you get it cheaper, you can get it in mint condition too. Don’t waste your time on these :blush:

Thanks dogma :blush: I sorta get impatient when completing sets

Don’t we all!

Lets talk about the important thing though - if your middleman is reliable, I’d like to replace Noppin with him. Can you PM me details? (You said he’s wanting to start a business - if it works out I’m sure UPCCC can supply him with plenty!)

Ok let me pm you!

Awesome, thanks. Can we trust him 100%?

Yes heyou can trust him 100% He is very responsive to emails too

Excellent! I will try him out with my next purchase, and will recommend to others on here if it works out :blush:

Great tip, thanks!

No problem :blush:

does your middleman do other stuff besides pokemon cards though?if they do i’d be interested in trying as well

I believe he would but I have only asked him for pokemon cards. Ill ask him though

legends: by all mean try him first if you want (ifmrcaliforniahaze doesn’t mind I’ll forward his details). But what I don’t want to do is put the details on here just in case it doesn’t work out

I have to think about protecting everyone too :blush: (Of course, if its all good than happy days as I am getting sick of Noppin’s fees)