The Japanese middlemen question thread

dogma edit: **This thread is for specific questions for middleman services to Y!J (Noppin, Treasure Japan and the like)

Ok basically I want these sweepstakes cards blastoise charizard and venusaur which are
On yahoo Japan. Since my middleman is gone I decided to use noppin. So I put 6000 yen from my account to noppin. My question is if I don’t win can I Put the money back from noppin into my paypal account? The sweepstakes lot also comes with a couple of T cards. I think it’s a bargain at $50 right?

This is my first time using Noppin and probably will be my lastbecause of my cheap middleman. But can you tell me where I go to get the money back. Sorry guys for sounding dumb!!! Oh and what does the mulltipliers refer to?

Ok I lost the auction and my middleman is coming back. How do I get my money back into my paypal?

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Search around on Noppin - if you can’t find the option, just contact them using the Comments Board. They respond to me in a few hours/day latest

Has anyone ever used Treasure Japan?

I bought two items from there and I don’t know how to pay for them. They have arrived at Treasure Japan and I sent them and invoice and shipping request and have not heard back in a week. I also emailed support and have not heard back from them. I’m started to get worried. Any ideas or advice?

Dont worry iv used them 4-5 times they do tend to take a little longer but they will contact you once they are ready to take the rest of the payment from you.


okay good, this is my first time using them, only because Noppin was closed for few days for some holidays

Ok Nopping question. I paid for an item but does Noppin take more money from your account and leave the money you already used to bid there? I paid and still have my yen that I exchanged to bid. What is happening?

You should have messaged them asking to put your deposit towards your purchase. However, if there is nothing else you wish to bid on, simply request for your deposit to be refunded. I belive you can do this under “payment information.”

Wow if they don’t take any of the money I had in the deposit what is the point of having it there. I had enough for the item just in my deposit. That is sort of a lame way to go about it.

Well it has to do with do multipliers. For example if you deposit 2000 yen and the multiplier is 3, you can place bids up to 6000 yen. You don’t need to deposit the full value of the item you are bidding on. If you accidentally did then you can contact them and have it used toward the purchase. This avoids buying it twice and then having your money refunded.

Ok I am trying to get some bid money on Noppin but I keep getting a error. Is anyone getting this?

nope im not getting an error.

Okay so I want to get into the Y!J scene, so I realized I need to find a middleman service because I know that no user on here wants to piggy back me continuously :stuck_out_tongue:
So, I checked out Noppin and it seems a bit pricey with all their fees, so I looked at the only other service I’ve heard of - SMJ. They seem to charge a lot less and have a better deposit multiplier system, but I’m still not sure.

This brings me to my question: Which Y!J middleman service is the cheapest? I’m not a big money spender (the stuff I want to get right now is all under 1500Y :stuck_out_tongue:), so I really want the cheapest service. Thanks to anyone who can help.

With SMJ, if the BIN is at 1,800, it says “Place a bid”. If I place a bid, as that’s the only option, at 1,800, will I get it BIN?

Yes, recall…
There is still

Shipping from seller to SMJ
SMJ to you
SMJ fees
There is quite a price to pay.

Yeah, I know xD Thanks!

lol I just got a juicy 21,686 Yen ($248) Fee from not including shipping which is a cheap 2,050 YEN for EMS (insured) - Their service is quite good, but had I known the damn fees would be so damn high I would’ve measured my purchases a bit… oh well, all in all I got a lot of great bargains, I would’ve paid a LOT more purchasing from eBay or the like. Basically 44 Auctions won @ 168 Yen Bank transfer fee PER AUCTION WON plus shipping cost of each item, most were in the 500-1000 Yen range (last time I check for the “secure” shipping, lol).

Are all these middleman services so darn expensive? :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s no way around it :confused: every single one gets you in their own way. I use SMJ and they throw all sorts of fancy fees my way. As it turns out even Noppin is cheaper than them for many auctions.