Noppin packing request single cards

i just bought a few single cards through noppin an they have arrived at the warehouse.

In the packing request, what do I say so they know to pack the cards well so they don’t get shaken around, damaged, etc…

any one here have experience with noppin?

Dont say anything in the packing request.

Noppin is like the greatest packaging for cards on planet.

They litterally grab ya cards and put them on a thick piece of cardboard. Bubble wrap it around, into a nice enclosure. and put it into a really nice box that could go through an avalanche.

Greatest packing for yahoo japan by far.


ok thanks

Was about to say almost the exact same thing (without spelling errors :stuck_out_tongue: ) when I read the question, but synd beat me to it.
I’ve received over 10 packages from them so far, and all of them were protected absolutely amazing with loads of bubble-wrap and filling.