[Help] Mold growing on 1st ed base set zard...in a psa case

Hi guys, per picture, there’s mold growing on my psa 9 1st ed base zard, still sealed in case

what would you do? Isn’t psa supposed to be airtight so how does this even happen? Merry christmas to me wtf, its such a high value card

I stored it in a regular box like any other card


Edit: I checked the rest of my collection and not a smidgen of mold in sight, seems like it was inside the case to begin with and grew. Would PSA be liable in this instance?

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Whoa man. What grade is it?

Might be worth cracking and gently cleaning with a cotton swab.

But shoot idk, definitely consult PSA. I’m sure it’s not the first time… they probably have tips.

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PSA 9, paid 5 grand usd for it sometime back

who should i be talking to?

so much for protection, this is unbelievable. wasnt there before. case looks perfect as far as i can tell.

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That looks like the same thing on my Charizard I sold back in May.


I would send an email:


And call them next week:

(800) 325-1121

I imagine they may provide cleaning advice. But I really have no idea as I’ve never seen this before.

I would think Gary might have have some suggestions as well.

Do you store your cards with dessicants?

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Maybe PSA could just recase it?

I do, checked my collection and this is the only one

Wouldn’t it be better to have it reslabbed and request for THEM to clean that shit off?

The air basically everywhere is filled with mold spores. It was probably encapsulated with the card and just slowly growing. I don’t think it’s an issue of the case letting things in.

Still very unfortunate though, especially on a card like that

Would PSA be willing to clean it? Haven’t submitted to PSA before so kinda lost

You sure listed it quickly. lol

Don’t see any issue with it, I provided full disclosure and will probably take a loss

Eitherway I’d rather solve it via the psa reholder route, so still seeking a soln

On a card like what? I can’t find what card it is?

1st edition base psa 9 Charizard

When looking at the back of your card I’m wondering what would happen if you tried scraping the mold off with a cloth, but the problem with that is it would most likely wreck that part of the blue border.

AFAIK PSA does not claim the cases to be airtight or waterproof anywhere. There are several youtube videos proving the fact that cases are not airtight and/or waterproof as well.

I think you would have no recourse on this card per the wording in their Financial Guarantee.

“the Guarantee does not apply to any card that has been environmentally damaged due to improper storage or natural disasters, such as fire and flood; the Guarantee does not apply to cards exhibiting environmental deterioration subsequent to initial grading”

I don’t know that the card has necessarily been subject to a flood, but I bet they would certainly argue that at some point along it’s life it was subject to very high humidity and this is as resulted. Clearly it isn’t something you say was there a while ago so if it really is mold that is growing that sounds a lot like “environmental deterioration subsequent to initial grading”. It would still be worthwhile to reach out to them and share the photos in an e-mail and see how they instruct. Best of luck. This is surely a new one for me.

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If they can’t fix it, I’d be interested in a moldy zard at the right price. :wink:

True and thanks for the great advice

I actually just went through my entire collection and didn’t find a smidgen of mold. What’s unusual as well is the psa sleeve and cover of the zard doesn’t have any mold either…so it’s definitely from inside

Seems like I gotta sell it

just ping me on insta! I’ve listed it on both ebay and insta…+ we are not supposed to negotiate here

UV-C light eradicates mold after a few hours.

You could expose the back to UV in a uniform fashion. You’ll kill the mold long before you cause any fading.

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