PSA messed up my Shadowless Zard

I recently opened a Shadowless charizard and sent it off to PSA shortly there after. I got it back in the mail yesterday only to find some gunk and scratching on the case as well as additional whitening on the back.

What is the best way to handle it? Call them?

Here is a link to some pics:

Issues with the case aren’t a big deal, have you got before and after comparison shots to show us the damage they apparently caused?

Without scans of the card before grading you have no claim. Scratches on the case are pretty common, I know some people have taken plastic polish to the cases and it has helped with the scratches though.


Psa will basically respond with something along the line of pics or it didn’t happen.

Even with pics there’s nothing they will do to fix it. So you sent a Mint Zard and it got the 9 it deserved. How bad is that back whitening you’re talking about?

I’m kind of confused on what the issue is


I believe OP feels psa damaged his card as there’s more whitening on the back. But without before photos there’s no evidence so he has no case

I dont even see an “after” picture :face_with_spiral_eyes:

It’s in his post if you click the link :blush:

Looks like mostly case to me but hard to tell from the pictures. Just take some headlight polish to it.

As far as the whitening on the back, we don’t have pictures before or after…

Don’t see any pics of the back of the card.

Op, I’m sure if you’re persistent they might reholder your card for free but that’s pretty much best case scenario here.

That’s true hah I swear I saw the back :joy: must have been on another post

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This is a video he sent me opening it.

So it got the exact grade that you thought it would and just showed up with some light scratches on the case? The title of the thread might be a bit of a stretch and should probably read “PSA put my charizard in a lightly scratched case”. As mentioned, headlight polish the case, sleeve it and enjoy that it got a 9.

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I’m not upset at the 9. I’m simply mad that PSA sent me back a card with smudges inside the case/potentially on the card in the bottom right corner and the top right corner of the card. It appears to be slivering on the yellow border. It makes the card appear to not be a psa 9.

Additionally, I can’t get a great angle with the scratches on the case but I haven’t ever had a psa case from them that was beat up.

No. As of now, the smudge on the bottom right corner on the front of the card on the yellow border is on a total of 3 of the 4 corners. While looking at the card, it makes it appear to be much less than a psa 9. Based on more research and asking a few friends, it’s a smudge on the inside of the case but at first glance appears to be slivering.

Silvering on the yellow border is 9 out of 10 times most likely from being in the pack.

It’s a hard pill to swallow, but you might have missed it since in the video you examined the card while in the sleeve and not raw. The glare of it could’ve very easily covered the silvering.

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Probably this. You can barely see the edges in the video from the combination of glare on the sleeve and piece of paper with your name on it in the background. What does the back look like now? The condition isn’t going to improve by shipping, handling, grading and returning to you.

The outside of the case does not matter. If you dislike the light scratches, polish it.

Dude cases get scratches deal with it. This thread is over the top