Has a non holo that was errorly holo ever surfaced?

On the reverse side of the non holo dragonite that should be a holo coin, has anyone ever heard of/own/seen a non holo card that ended up as a holo by error? With all the mistakes that came from WOTC, I would have to think that someone screwed up a sheet in this manor at some point.

The thought of this concept is quite thrilling to me!


We barely have any Holo errors with Pokémon in general tbh. Apart from the non-Holo Dark Dragonite error, there is the Cosmos Holofoil versions of unlimited Fossil cards and the Holofoil Neo Revelations errors. Or partially missing holofoil at certain parts, like the energy symbol circles on EX Dragon Magnemite or Legendary Collection Exeggcute Reverse Holos, or the evolution box for Fossil Zapdos. But cards which were accidentally printed in Holofoil instead of non-Holo I’ve never heard of.

For Yu-Gi-Oh cards I have seen it a few times, a card being printed as Holofoil even though it was supposed to be a non-holo (don’t really have any examples, but I remember seeing some on eBay). But errors are much more common in Yu-Gi-Oh than Pokémon in my experience (although miscut/OC cards happen A LOT less in Yu-Gi-Oh than Pokémon, though). In Yu-Gi-Oh it’s more common to have the same case as Dark Dragonite: a card that was supposed to be Holofoil being non-Holo instead. I will mention those errors in my upcoming Yu-Gi-Oh rarity article soon (after all incoming cards have arrived). In the case of Yu-Gi-Oh, the names are usually still Holofoil though, despite the missing holofoil in the artwork - making them an unique misprinted rarity for my collection (unlike some cards I know to be printed as Secret Rare instead of Super Rare or something like that, where the misprinted card is still a normal rarity).
For those familiar with Yu-Gi-Oh rarities, here some examples of cards I own in my collection and will show in my upcoming article: Ultra Rares without holofoil image (so Common with golden name); Secret Rares without holofoil image (so Common with mirror-silver name); Secret Rare image with Ultra Rare name; Gold Rare with silver Rare name; Prismatic Secret Rare with golden Ultra Rare name; Reversed Secret Rares (top-left to bottom-right instead of top-right to bottom-left holofoil pattern); etc. etc.

Although I’d love to see it, I doubt it exists for Pokémon cards. Would be fun to see an Pokémon Ultra/Secret Rare as Reverse Holo or a regular Common with Holofoil artwork in a new set (so not the EX era), but I don’t really see it happen anytime soon based on the lack of these kind of errors in the past 20+ years tbh.



@quuador I dont know hardly anything about yugioh, so I look forward to seeing this article you’re working on!

I figured they didn’t exist either judging by I have never heard or seen of them at all either, but I thought it was a small chance perhaps there was a forgotten one out there or if somebody saw one long ago when it wouldnt of really meant anything.

Just imagine if there was a error holo base set pikachu! That would be gnarly.

I have often though about what mistakes there were that were caught in the factory and discarded without any being smuggled out! Imagine what cool stuff was produced that only an employee saw and tossed.

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Pokemon not much, Yu-Gi-Oh got so many variety. Look up misprintprince ig.

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The nonholo dragonite is basically due to a typo in the layout file for the card. The card is not the holofoil layout that was accidentally printed on a non-holo sheet, otherwise you would expect to see other nonholo Rocket cards with the same error.

Layout errors probably explain many of the yugioh cards described above.

It’s not as simple as putting the wrong sheet into a the printer and ending up with a holo base set Pikachu. Holo cards come from sheets of cardstock with holofoil on the surface. The first step is to print an opaque white layer where you don’t want the holo to show through. Next, they print the colour layers on top of the white layer. rarepokemoncards.net/en/images/Pokemon-card-Kabutops-misaligned-holo-error-misprint-01-nvdp.jpg this is an example of when that white layer is offset from the colour layers. This is also what causes the Zapdos evolution box error.

This white layer has to be specifically designed and cut out with respect to the card. Nonholo cards dont have this layer, so if you’re imaging a base set Pikachu with a clean cut holo around the Pikachu and only in the image box, that’s not going to happen. If you print a nonholo pikachu on a holo sheet, one of two things will happen:

A. The whole card will be holo; basically like the reverse holo southern islands cards but where every element on the cards is translucent.

B. The card will look like a regular nonholo but will be printed on holo cardstock

I don’t know if they purposely apply less ink on holo cards to make it show through the colour ink. If they do, situation B is more likely. Personally I think A is more likely.


@pkmnflyingmaster Thanks for the explanation, that indeed makes sense. As for option B, would we in that case see non-Holo cards with silvering around the edges? :blush:


Its awesome to know that process man. Thanks for sharing that! I’ve always been curious of how exactly cards were made. Sounds like a holo error non holo hasnt and isnt gonna happen though…!

Presumably yes, but only as much as you would see on a regular holo