COMPLETE Neo Revelation ERROR Holo Set

Picked up a complete holo error Neo Revelation set in 1st Edition. I got them from a guy who received them as compensation for work with WoTC so I know the whole set came like this to him and has never been separated. All in NM/M condition. Never seen a complete set like this before as some of the cards I’m not sure you could tell the difference (the Ampharos is almost identical) . The main differences is the vividness of the holo and the darker color it adds to the picture as it bleeds over in to areas it normally would not on the picture. Crobat is an actual holo card now! Enjoy!

Ho-oh Comparison

Houndoom Comparison

Crobat Comparison

Misdreavus Comparison (Those Eyes!)

Gyarados Comparison

Raikou Comparison

Magikarp (Lack of card to compare to)

Celebi (Lack of Card to Compare to)

Suicune (Lack of Card to Compare to)

And all the others as well but these are the majority of the noticeable ones with some not nearly as noticeable (the Suicune for example)


Whoa, that’s pretty rad.

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Ohh I see it, dope!

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Nice find! Definitely not as common as the standard set!

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I almost like the misprints more;)


Very cool! That houndoom is the best


I like how the holofoil lights up Misdreavus and Crobats eyes


Omg these are amazing… What’s your plans with them?

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I just want to know how rare this printing is. I only know of one other Houndoom and have seen 1 or 2 ho-ohs. But I don’t think I’ve ever seen a lot of the others.

Wow! I had no idea this existed.

So the Crobat with a more noticeable holo is the error?

I’m not 100% certain yet. I’m almost definitely sending them in to get graded. Would like to keep them together if possible. I just don’t know the exact rarity and value of these guys. Neo Rev is definitely one the most popular sets on the market as well as my favorite. So something like this is definitely up there.

Correct sir. It’s quite stunning.

so jealous!! Congrats!!

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Awesome find. :blush:

I have the 1st ed. error Ho-oh as well, kinda impulse purchase back then because I thought it was anything but regular card. It’s really a shame most of Crobats look they don’t have holofoil at all.

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I thought the exact same thing! Reminds me of Dark Weezing from Rocket.


Was browsing through the thread and saw @nauticads reply, and this was the exact thing I wanted to post! :grin: I actually remember trading a non-holo card (not sure which) for a holo Dark Weezing, because the other guy didn’t knew it was holo (and neither did I till I looked at it a bit better later on).


I see these around 10-20% of the time in my experience. Most of the time they go unnoticed. Some are virtually the same as the original and I thought it only affected part of the set.

Did you know it affects both 1st edition & unlimited? Boom, just doubled everyones efforts.

Idk which variant is more rare. They’re more collectible regardless.


I did know this. The unlimited versions are more common from my experience. I’ve only seen a couple 1st eds and they are very difficult to find. I know someone looking for them and having no luck and he is a serious collector. I’ve seen quite a lot of Neo Rev cards in my searching for my favorite set but 10-20% sounds high. Maybe your right - you have a lot more experience than me. Maybe the ones out there just aren’t showing themselves. If I was to guess based on what I’ve seen - it would be 1 out of every 30-40.

Well this is from all the data, not just 1st ed. For a few months and using various search terms, I attempted to look at every neo rev holo on eBay. Nobody was talking about them & there was only one online reference to a card looking weird. I tried to buy what I could, but realized it wasn’t something I could control the market on. Too many were coming up & nobody realized what they had. Eventually I stopped looking & focused on other things.

Mind you, I didn’t collect Suicune & a few others bc I did not think it affected the full set. Some are dead obvious like the eyes of Misdreavus or Crobat actually looking holo. Not sure if I can say for certain, but I don’t believe I’ve seen one PSA 10 of any variation besides Pmaster556’s 1st ed Houndoom.

Keep in mind my scope was limited; perhaps 3 months altogether. I still agree they deserve a premium. My experience finding supply lowered how high I thought that premium should be.

If you get any 10s, you’ll have something unique.

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The Ho-oh and Entei will be 10 contenders for sure. The others we will just have to see how generous they are being. I believe the Houndoom, Ho-oh, Crobat, and Celebi should have the highest premiums for the look that it generates and how rare those seem to be but the premium will literally be up to whoever is buying/selling. Thanks for your input - this helps me a lot.

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