Rare English Cosmos Fossil Holofoil Error?Test Run?Misprint?


-Galaxy holofoil: Also sometimes known as starfoil due to the appearance of stars. This foil pattern was the one used
for the english print run of base,jungle,Fossil and Legendary Collection

-Cosmos holofoil: No stars, more of a dotted,bubbled pattern. This foil pattern was the one that replaced the galaxy foil starting with base set 2 (Base 2 was the set after fossil), then Team Rocket, Neo Series,etc. Note that some foreign print runs used this cosmos foil as well.

Cosmos Fossil Complete Set:

It is interesting to note that the zapdos cosmos holofoil has the 1999 copyright rather than the typical 1999-2000 copyright which came from the Tempest/Thunderstorm themedecks.

-First Appearance seen in an error binder video (7:15) by TCA Gaming:

-Here is a listing containing a complete set courtesy of numismaticsgmc.



In a post on efour about how he acquired this, numismaticsgmc said:

-Perhaps some sort of test run of the new holo pattern? Perhaps an error print run of the holo pattern?


Relevant quote

I’m hoping we can get more info soon. These might be the only cards of their kind.

I had no idea these existed. That’s awesome! I’d love to know more as well.

You might know this already but numismaticsgmc is from Washington state (-> WOTC headquarters) and he has told me in the past he has received from wotc employees.
It’s possible this was also from a wotc employee and was a test for using the cosmos holofoil as you mentioned.

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Definitely a test of some kind, every person I’ve seen with these have mentioned receiving them from ex wotc employees

Pretty sure this is numismatics youtube channel, anyway found this video recently where he just shows the cards and does a small talk on them. 31:00 minute mark


2020 update/edit: Looks like the video has been privated, here is a dropbox link to numismatics ebay listing years ago (s/o to Scratchdesk)