Cosmos holo fossil cards

Wondering about the potential price of the cosmos error fossil holos. Anyone know how they were obtained? Was this a WoTC employee thing or could you pull these from packs? Does anyone on here have a copy?

I would also like to hear others opinions on how the legitimacy of these cards compare to Prerelease Raichu. I know PSA grades them as standard Fossil cards, but if they were never actually released they’re in the same boat as Prerelease Raichu (only being source from a wotc employee).

A few people on E4 have them. They are thought to be an error or test from ex-WOTC employees. Most, if not all, cosmo holos were originally purchased from the Washington area, where WOTC’s headquarters are located. There is a Muk for sale on eBay and the seller is a card shop located in Washington.

As for pricing, it is going to be a buyer/seller agreement. There is no set market value.


I know @thecharizardauthorty has (or had) a few. He shows four here in this thread from 2016, as well as some in this video (7:15 mark): The Charizard Authority's ERROR/MISPRINT Binder 1 - YouTube

I’ve seen the full set PSA-graded by someone who mentioned the following on the forum back in 2016 as well:

Which can also be seen in this thread.

And @snowy has and showed the Lapras a few months back:

EDIT: Ah, I see Snowy already posted above me 2 minutes prior, haha. :grin:

As for price: whatever someone is willing to pay for it. These don’t show up too often. Also, a lot of people also don’t even know about them, which might affect the prices negatively tbh.

Btw, has anyone opened any holofoil cards from the Australian Red Logo Fossil packs? Unlike any other packs most people are looking for light packs for those, since the Holofoil cards still have the ©1999 copyright date and non-Holo Rares (and all other non-Holo cards) will have ©1999-2000. But I wonder if the Holofoil cards from those packs might (sometimes) be the cosmos holofoil cards? Never seen a pack or box opening of a Red Logo pack unfortunately. Maybe these Cosmos Holofoil cards came from those?



@craigc (original creator of the 2nd thread link in my above post) has a bunch of Fossil 1999-2000 cards. Idk if they opened packs, but they mentioned in a thread the holos are not different.

@aquaz (original creator of 1st thread link in my above post) may have mentioned the holos are not different too.

@gemmintpokemon mentioned they might create a Youtube video about Fossil cosmos holos on an IG story iirc - as a response to this Reddit post:

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Yeah I have opened a booster box and all of the holos were normal.


Like @craigc mentioned, no one has pulled cosmos from 99-00 fossil packs. Every source can be traced back to the Washington state area.

PSA 9 set does not exist as far as I know. I’m missing the PSA 9 Himtonlee, so one card short (I’m not aware of any 10s for any cards). My set started with the 2016 eBay purchase referenced above. This has been mentioned before, but gets lost in the threads. I’ve since bought out a few collectors of the Fossil cosmos cards.

As of now, there’s one other known collector with similar quantities to me. We’ve coordinated on sharing details and helping each other’s sets. There will be content produced regarding this set, but the story needs the right details and to be shared the right way. We’re certainly open to new info to help the hobby.

The threads linked above by @snowy are all great resources to explore.


@dcs, I am pretty sure the cosmos foil Zapdos can be found in the Thunderstorm Gift Box within the preconstructed thunderstorm theme deck. Taken from bulbapedia:
Link Here

“The Thunderstorm Gift Box, known as the Tempest Gift Box outside the United States, was released in the time between Gym Heroes and Gym Challenge. It includes a unique Thunderstorm preconstructed Theme Deck featuring cards from Base Set, Jungle, Fossil, Team Rocket, and Gym Heroes expansions. It also includes three booster packs, one each from Fossil, Team Rocket, Gym Heroes, and the Pokémon Play It! Version 2 CD-ROM. Also included were a play mat, deck building tip sheet, Pikachu coin, and a felt deck bag. The Zapdos included within the product is exclusive to the deck, as it utilizes the Cosmos Holofoil introduced for the Base Set 2, and not the Starlight Holofoil originally used for the Fossil release.

Hope this helps!


Most information has already been posted in this thread already but yeah if anyone reading this is from Seattle, perhaps have a look at your local card shops.

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Nothing to add, just shamelessly showing mine off.


@snowy pretty much nailed it, I went down this rabbit hole a couple months ago and this forum was the best source of info on them I could find. The only thing I would add (for current or future reference) is a little bit of pricing info:
PSA 8 Lapras: $1,999.00 (Best offer accepted, >1 year ago)
PSA 8 Muk: $1,375.00 (Best offer accepted, >1 year ago)
NM Ungraded Moltres: $1349.99 (Best offer accepted, >1 year ago)
Exact sell prices unknown, but at least there’s a baseline. All three were from one seller in Australia.


Ya, I actually graded the complete set of cosmos fossil holos, almost all got 8’s and 9’s and I sold it for nothing unfortunately haha! It happens.

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Only one on eBay is a muk for $1250, other than that GL finding them

I was wondering about the Prerelease aerodactyl with the cosmos foil? What’s the story on that one?

As far as I know, any prerelease Aerodactyl with the cosmos foil would be a foreign language card, not English. Cosmos foil stock was printed on at the end of the very end of the print run right before (or coinciding with) Base Set 2, and would not have been used early on during prerelease/first edition print runs. Foreign Fossil cards (Italian, German, etc.) were probably printed after or alongside Base Set 2, and I believe all of them use cosmos foil as the standard stock.
Edit: Incorrect info here, see next couple posts

I have an English Prerelease with cosmos in front of me right now.
I did have to order it from Czech Republic though.


Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure all light brown prerelease stamped Aerodactyl were with Cosmos Holofoil. :blush: It also states so on the Bulbapedia page for Aerodactyl:

EDIT: Just checked my own two prerelease Aerodactyl copies, and the dark brown is with galaxy holofoil and light brown is indeed with cosmos holofoil.


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Long time lurker here, but created an account in order to post this. I live in Nebraska and found this at my LCS today. I’m seeing this right, aren’t I?


You bought it right?


Swirl too!

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