Google Sheet of every release of every English Pokémon Card

Hey all, I wanted to share this spreadsheet that I’ve been working on for a few months. As the title says, it should be every unique Pokémon card in the English TCG. I have it set to allow anybody to view it, but feel free to make your own copies in Sheets if you’d like.

I made this because I was impressed by everyone’s collections of single Pokémon. As I was building this, I used my research to collect every English Porygon/Porygon2/Porygon-Z – I posted my collection to Reddit yesterday.

This should be every card that has been released by WotC, and TPCi/Nintendo. This even includes Ishihara GX, but doesn’t include cards that didn’t actually get released to anybody (like Doug Ferguson GX, which was a going-away gift, and not released to any audience except for Doug Ferguson), or cards that may or may not be real (Prerelease Raichu). I have Special Delivery Charizard included with the understanding that it will be released sometime during the SWSH era, but I’ll remove it if it doesn’t ever end up being released.

I didn’t include any errors – I didn’t really know where to draw the line, as far as what to include and what not to include. There are a wide variety of error cards, I figure that any enthusiast of a particular Pokémon would be able to find them easily through some searching.

Column A is an arbitrary ID number.

Column B is the set that the card is from.

Column C is the number within the set.

Column D is the ID(s) of the Pokémon named on the card. Column E is the card name.

Column F is the Type of the card.

Column G is the rarity of the card in the set, including a description of the holofoil and if the card was exclusive to any particular product or event. Column H lists any other Pokémon that appear in the artwork for the card that I could identify. I did use joshspkmncollection’s thread as a starting point when I was working on this column, but I generally applied a much more liberal standard when deciding if a Pokémon was represented in the artwork of a different card (e.g., if a helix fossil appeared on a Mysterious Fossil card, I would still include that card as containing Omanyte. If I was collecting every Omanyte, I’d really like to have those cards too).

I’d really like to hear feedback if this sheet helps anybody, or if there’s any changes that anybody would like made. I would especially be interested in fixing any errors that you can find. I’ve done as much research as I could, but I’m not an expert like many of you. I’d absolutely be willing to give editing permissions to trusted members of this board, if y’all want to adopt it and maintain it in a way that serves you better. I already have my own backup of it.


WOW! I can’t imagine how long it took you to compile all of this. Kudos to you, and thank you for your hard work. I’m sure a lot of people will find this helpful, I know I will!


Jesus christ that is a lot of work. It looks awesome! @pokesoap don’t miss this

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Per a chat I had with @quuador , I added serial codes for all of the EX series cards – I didn’t know much about those before. Looks like I have a few more Porygon cards to buy from FR&LG and Unseen Forces!

Is there anything else I could add that would be useful?


This is absolutely fantastic, great work putting this together @tylerrmazer !

There are a few obscure entries which I couldn’t find from a quick search:


Awesome list. Some things to add:

  • The 16 no symbol Jungle holos. I know you said you are not doing errors yet, but this is a variant that had a large (relatively) print run.
  • World championship theme decks will add a lot more variants for the single Pokemon collectors.
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Also just noticed you are missing the 2004 theme decks that had e-series cards with the e-reader on it. Example, 2003 Espeon sandstorm with e-reader, now becomes 2004 without e-reader in the theme deck.

One more to add: The JR Stamp Rally cards released in Japan with English language cards, featuring Eevee #11 and Mewtwo Black Star Promos. The Eevee card is non holo, whereas the regular mass produced card was holo.

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@eeveeteam, I added the JR Stamp Rally Eevee (the non-holo version of Wizards Black Star Promo 11). Is there anything that distinguishes the JR Stamp Rally Mewtwo Promo #12 from the version that was released with Nintendo Power in April 2000? If they’re the same card, I’ll add a note about both of the ways that card was released.

For the World Championship decks, the cards match the regular versions, just with the player’s signature and a different card back, right? I’m happy to add these, I just couldn’t find much info about them, besides the set lists on Bulbapedia. Just wanted to confirm that each card isn’t unique – for example, in the Magma Spirit deck, are all 4 Team Magma’s Groudon cards identical?

I’m also having trouble finding info about theme decks that included e-series cards without the e-reader. Does anyone know specifically which theme decks or cards were affected?

Thanks for all of the help, that gives me a lot to look at this week :blush:

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@tylerrmazer, The Mewtwo JR Stamp Rally is non holo just like the regular black star promo. The only difference is the back side, in English, is printed on Japanese card stock, so the color, feel, and glossiness is slightly different. You can really only tell if you have both in your hand, then you can say which is which.

The World Championship cards can be different. For example, all the eeveelution ex cards are holo in the Unseen Forces and Delta Species sets. In Jimmy Ballard’s Eeveelution world championship deck for 2006, they are printed as non holo with Jimmy’s signature. For some cards, the only difference is the border, the signature, and the back. To me, that is a unique variant. If you see 4x in the deck list, they are all the same card. All 4 copies are exactly the same, so to me that would be only 1 card you would need for a master variant collector.

I don’t have any info on the 2004 theme decks without the e-reader. I only collect eeveelutions so I know the Eevee and Espeon from sandstorm with e-readers were included in this deck without e-readers.

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This is so amazing. Is David Persin a member of E4? He’d be a great person to give this a read through for anything obscure that may be missing.

@dpersin Dave does have an account, but he hasn’t posted anything yet. But let’s see if he sees this tag anyway.

I’m pretty sure David Person’s collection is probably more complete than the list though. :slightly_smiling_face: It does make me wonder what Dave’s checklist looks like; if he has one. :blush:


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@tylerrmazer Welcome to the forum and thanks for sharing such a great resource!

Ah, I see you’re a man of culture as well. Nice collection and welcome!

@pichufan, I didn’t forget about your comment! I added the Tropical Mega Battle VS Set, the E3 2001 Samples, and Trainer Decks A & B. Thanks for your help!

@eeveeteam, I added the Mewtwo JR Stamp Rally, and all of the non-e-Reader versions of cards from EX Ruby & Sapphire, EX Sandstorm, and EX Dragon. I’ll work on getting the World Champion cards added over the next week or so depending on my schedule.

I am trying to add the serial codes from the lower-left corner of all of the EX series cards. Those codes may be very difficult to find for the World Champion decks, so I think I’ll leave them off. I’m assuming that they only have 1 code that gets used anyway, so we won’t need to distinguish between multiple different codes like we do with EX series commons and uncommons.

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In case it’s even remotely helpful for cross-reference there was this thread a while back regarding serial codes (most of the pictures seem to be gone, unfortunately) and I was also a part of this compilation project as well - set to View permissions as well, feel free to give a look/copy it.

I’m pretty sure that first thread later on resulted in this Excel document compiled by @tonysandlin . (Which I had already shared with OP on reddit, so he’s aware of them and might have already added them to the list.) :blush:

When I have a bit more time I’ll take a closer look at the list to see if anything more is missing.

Some obscure English cards that come to mind that may or may not be missing (I haven’t checked):

  • ©1999-2000 non-Holo Fossil set (from Australian Red Logo packs) and Holo Zapdos (from UK/Australia Theme Deck)
  • English VS set
  • English cards released in Japan that are in a different rarity, glossy, and/or different card stock (i.e. non-Holo Eevee; Meowth; WB Mewtwo; Glossy Mew; grey stamp Pikachu; etc.)
  • All Sample prints (E3, Matchprint, Protostoise, Manhole, FPO, etc.) (not sure if you want to add them; since you’ve also excluded error cards for now I can understand excluding these as well and sticking to official releases)
  • Scandinavian exclusive cards (non-Holo 035 Pikachu Nintendo promo; Donald Duck Dratini and Larvitar)
  • Round-bordered Best of Game Jumbo variation
  • Base Set Machamp holofoil variation
  • Cosmos Holofoil Fossil cards (I would consider them as Sample prints or errors though - I’ve heard they all came from an ex WotC employee, so they’re not official releases)
  • etc. etc.


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@tylerrmazer, you are correct, there is only 1 serial number for world or theme deck cards.

This is an absolutely FANTASTIC job! Serious props to you guys for putting this together. @tylerrmazer , I did a quick look-through for the Gyarados and noticed however that the Happy Luck Deck variants weren’t included for any of the Pokemon featured there: I’ll double check the Gyarados later when I get home but just wanted to give you a heads up about these.

@quuador - never in my life did I think I’d hear the words “Donald Duck Dratini” as a card or part of a sentence. XD


Haha. :wink: Well, the non-Holo EX Delta Species Dratini and Larvitar with set logo were included in Donald Duck magazines in Sweden, Denmark, and I’ve heard Norwegia as well. Here the Danish and Swedish magazines sealed with their promos (not mine, just some pictures I’ve saved):