English Promo list

I’ve made a list so I can register what Promo cards I have and want to share the list.
Maybe some of you know Promo’s I’ve missed (it’s not complete at the moment). If you know a Promocard that is not on the list I would like to know.

I named all the English Promo’s and Japanese Promo’s with English text. Also some foreign promo’s that are not given out in English are mentioned and the Error/misprinted Promo’s.

Take a look at the list and if you have a comment about it let me know.

Pokemon Promo list 23-07-2013.xlsx (61.4 KB)

Would you be willing to just put it in the text of the post? Long as it may be, I’d really like to have access to it through my Proboards app. :stuck_out_tongue:

I can’t get it in the text of the post and keep the layout.
Everything gets mixed up and it’s quite a long list.

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I’m not great with computers. :[ [SPOILER: Click to show](javascript:void(0):wink:

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If I message you, will you email it to me?

Are you at work again? :blush:)

No problem

@abv150 Messaged!

…Maybe. :stuck_out_tongue:

Can you copy and paste the text. Thanks!

It’s an Excel spreadsheet. It can’t be pasted as text :wink:

Sure it can.
Highlight the data cells in Column A, copy, and paste them in the post.

But then you don’t see the difference between cards like Pikachu Promo nr. 1 normal and 1e edition Error.

There’s a way to do that too. I’ll do it next chance I get. I’ve been exclusively mobile for a few days now between work and surprise shifts and whatnot. I can get it up there eventually, however.

But trust me. Excel is my baby. :heart_eyes:

I’ll trust you 100% :blush:
Now let’s get back to work :wink:

I work quotas, so as long as I get my specific amount of work done in the 8 hours, they don’t care if I’m on my iPod every so often. :stuck_out_tongue:

Same here, so I have to do something before the day has passed :wink:

Looks like we both use our time to make checklists! Haha

As far as the Secret Wonders Reverse Holos in the alternate holo portion, what exactly is it that makes them different? I have seen the blisters I suspect them to come in for sale online but I can’t really tell what makes them different. On bulbapedia it made it sound like those few, was it 9 or so cards, could only be obtained in the blisters and not in the packs. Is this the case or are there different versions? Thanks for any clarification.

Also, I was wondering about these cards:

Darkrai DP24 Non Holo Variant

Regigigas DP40 Non Holo Variant

Celebi - Triumphant Non holo Variant

Do they have English versions like the Holon Phantoms Mew?

I found the mew on Troll and Toad for 5 bucks which seemed like a good deal because the one that was listed on eBay the seller was asking for like $100 graded but I just don’t know how rare these cards are.

Thanks again



Those 9 secret wonders reverse look exactly like reverse from the boosters yeah, but they where only availlable in those blisters.

And yes, this Darkrai, Regigigas & Celebi exist in English. I have all 3 in my possession, if you need scans :wink:

Thanks for the response. Thats was kind of what I figured as far as th secret wonders RHs
. It’s a bit strange they would do that. Now I just have to track down those movie promos…unless of course you were looking to sell!

Actually for those 9 SW promo cards…for most of the promos -they look like a reverse holo except it is different than the type of reverse holo you can get in the SW packs. The reverse holos in the packs have the holo as the background or type color. Like the following is a reverse holo. To make things more confusing the flaffy and quaqsire promos seem to be exactly the same as the pack reverse holos. I can try to find 1 of mine, but I don’t think there is any difference.


SOME secret wonders blister promos had the shattered glass effect. As seen below.