Looking for English Promo List

The past year I’ve been focused on becoming a homeowner and so I’ve been out of collecting other than trying to keep up with the new english sets. With the new year it looks like I’ll be able to start working on my collection again, though in small pieces. The english promo list that I’ve used was on pokebeach, but I can’t seem to find an updated version (the one I see now has been closed). Does anyone know where I can find an updated english promo list? Including theme deck exclusives and randoms like convention promos?



All the other ones are listed on different pages in their respective categories :blush: I use bulbapedia all the time, its great

I’ve used some of their lists, but haven’t been able to find some of the more random ones that pokebeach had lists of, like alternate holos (usually those crystal shard ones) that were put in various blisters. Perhaps I’m just using the wrong search terms for those.

Do you mean this thread?


This site is hands down the best for that. Sadly, they stopped updating around Plasma Storm. :slightly_frowning_face:

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I can send you my Promo list in Excel. It contains all Blackstar Promo’s, Alternative Holo Promo’s, Jumbo’s, Snowflake Promo’s, Mc Donalds Promo’s etc. I may have to update the Victory Cup and League Promo’s.
It’s mostly English Promo’s + Japanese Promo’s in English + Promo’s in other languages that are not released in English.

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Thanks for the great info everyone! Looks like I’ve got most of the information I need and can now go back and re-organize my promo binders!

I’m glad the community considers those promo lists a good idea. It was an idea I came up with while trying to find manageable ways to list the promotional cards in chunks that made sense. Unfortunately, I’ve only been able to work my way back to Platinum Base Set so far: it’s a long process, but I think the end result will be highly worth it.

I’ve been listening to what the community would like to have as a resource and trying to incorporate as much of that as I can into Bulbapedia. That being said, if anyone has anything they’d like to see, I’d be more than happy to listen and see what I can do for it during the down time in between new expansions. =]


You’ve been doing an absolutely amazing job! Thank you so much for all of your hard work!

I have recently became a collector of these ‘promo’ cards and your lists help tremendously!