Gold Star Mew.. is it "THE" Mew card?

I just purchased my first Gold Star card today. A PSA 8 Gold Star Mew. I have 4 favorite Pokemon Lugia, Dragonite, Gengar, and Mew. Now we didn’t have a real Mew rookie card like we do with Charizard, Lugia, Gengar, and almost all other Pokemon. We got our little black star promo Mew… I would have loved to have seen Fossil set have that 1st Edition Mew card in it… but it didn’t. Mew is a legendary Pokemon… He was that legendary Pokemon in the first movie. We all remember in Pokemon snap when we were finally able to go to the Mew level… I believe that Mew is up there in the most iconic Pokemon pantheon. My question is, is the Gold Star Mew the definitive Mew card? And if so, do you guys expect over time the price to reflect the fact that it is the best card of one of the most iconic Pokemon of all time?


There’s plenty of Mew cards to choose from.

  1. Art Academy Phanpy
  2. Player’s Fan Club EX
  3. Dragon Frontiers Gold Star
  4. CoroCoro Shining
  5. JR Rally Lily Pad

To answer your question, I believe it is one of the most treasured Mew cards yes, though not the must have Mew. Personally, it being Delta Species and water type ruins it for me. Although, it is a beautiful looking card.

It most likely will continue to have an increased growth due to Rarity, not because it’s the best card of the iconic Pokemon.


If we’re talking about the rarest/most expensive I think that would go to the Art Academy mew. The fan club Mew is also quite pricey now, possibly more so than the gold star. I think gold star Mew is awesome but the Expedition holo, CoroCoro Mew and Ancient Mew are probably my favourites.

Edit: PokemonPup beat me to it :grin:

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For me it’s Mew Ex without a doubt.

Coro Mew is a close runner up, but it’s much, much less scarce.


The true 1st ed fossil set does indeed have a mew


Mew is probably the one Pokemon where I can’t point out ‘the ultimate Mew card’. There are just too many amazing cards of that species.


Ancient Mew was the first Mew card I have ever seen as a child. When I got it at the theater it instantly blew my mind. Its uniquly mysterious, eye-catching design has made a long lasting impression to me.

So despite being maybe the cheapest and most abundant of all Mew cards, it is THE Mew card to me.


I guess I was talking strictly set cards. I can see the art academy being 1. I think I’d take the Gold Star over the player’s fan club Mew personally. It would be my #2.

Yeah Muk, I traded so much to get the Japanese Ancient mew 1 before the movie release… when they started making the movie ones I got upset lol I traded so much for the Ancient Mew card… then they just started printing them like the Federal Reserve… but, there’s a very visual difference I noticed once I got back into the hobby.

I’d say Art Academy 1, Gold Star 2, Player’s ex 3. I come to this conclusion because I’d much rather have a 10 Gold Star than the 10 Player’s club. Just my opinion though.

There’s also Victory Orb Mew and Championship Arena Mew too. For me, I think the order goes something like this:

  1. Mew Ex Player’s Promo
  2. Victory Orb Mew
  3. _____'s Mew 013 Play Promo

Also, I really think that Ancient Mew (any version) is underrated. Southern Islands Mew is also very nice.

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How could I forget Coro Coro Mew!? That would be 4th on my list.

ex legend maker mews

ex legend maker is themed around mew, and the holon researchers search for it

Corocoro Mew is #1 for me.

Then again I’m quite controversial/weird and would say Crystal Charizard (Skyridge) is the #1 for me over 1st ed. Base for Charizards.

Don’t forget the mew holo from expedition. It was the first U.S. set mew holo and is very difficult to find in mint condition.


Expedition Mew is the ultimate Mew card imo.


Every Mew card is THE Mew card!

But in all seriousness imo I would say

Art Academy Mew
Coro Coro Shining Mew
7000 Points Players fan club Mew
Gold Star Mew
Anicent Mew (error or corrected)
And Southern Islands Mew

Are the definitive Mew cards.

Seems like the only thing we can all agree on, is that we can’t agree on a single best Mew card because almost all of them have great art and an interesting backstory.


Could you explain?

It’s in the Japanese fossil set