06/13/2012 - The best of Mew

Mew Pokemon cards come in many flavours and forms. It’s very hard for me, as a Mew collector, to choose just one from my 78 cards. But there are a couple that stand out to me as my absolute favourites.

So here are my top three favourites:

Ancient Mew - American Release

This card was, amusingly, my very first Holy Grail when I was 12, because I did not have any kind of income at that age or any means to get this card. Because of my limited knowledge of cards at that stage, I didn’t know how mass produced this card was.

When I got it, I was thrilled. Amazed at the full holo over the back and front of the card, and delighted at it’s unique beauty.

To this day, I still feel that way about this card. The Japanese releases just never captured me as much as this card has; their shine doesn’t compare to me.

JR Railroad Lilypad Mew

This is a card I never thought I would own because of its rarity. That alone, along with the adorable illustration made this card one of my top wants for many years. I aquired it, amazingly, for free, from Jimmy Hume (who deserves all of my sincerest love for what he’s done for me and my collection :heart_eyes: ) and I was speechless for days, touching it to make sure it really WAS the non-glossy version.

Suffice to say, this card has sentimental value to me as well as rarity. To date, it remains a favourite.

Coro Coro Shining Mew

This card was never a grail, never really on my radar until I went hardcore collecting in 2008. I purchased a damaged one off E-bay for completion sakes, but then a fabulous friend of mine sold me a mint condition one for $15. It was when I recieved that one in all of it’s incredible glory that I REALLY fell in love with this card.

With a unique holograph on it, an adorable illustration and part of my favourite card design series (Neo), this card has yet to be beaten in terms of favourites.

Anyway, sorry to feature 3 cards, but it is so very hard to feature just one when there are so many I want to feature. :x

So, what’s your favourite Mew card? :grin:

_________'s Mew is beautiful as well. I think every single one of my cards has a story, some bigger than others. :blush: But yeah, that Players Mew is adorable and beautiful. ^^

Yea, mew cards are beautiful, I like the last two you posted. Also love the one from Southern Islands.

@skinst – Awesome thread – I love it!

Without a doubt, my favourite card is Mew (Offense and Defense of the Furthest Ends, 015/068). I remember obtaining it with exceptional difficulty. The moment I acquired it, an exhilarating joy spread like wildfire through my chest. I had not experienced that degree of excitement about a card at the time. I love its illustration; the vibrancy of colour is astounding and the forefront effect is incredibly captivating. I will never forget this wonderful experience :heart:

Thanks for sharing this great article Skinst! I personally love the corocoro shining mew. I too bought a slightly damaged one (was blown away by it nonethess) so now I’ll be upgrading to a better one. This card has been on my radar since I was little and is the first Japanese promo I’d heard about along with fan club Porygon.

My top three favorite Mew cards are Southern Islands, Secret Wonders/Shining Darkness and either Lilypad Mew or Mew ex from Legend Maker/Mirage Forest. Cute artwork plays a much bigger role in me determining my favorite cards than rarity does. :wink:

Is there a bad Mew card? I think just about every Mew card looks good, especially those japanese promo’s.

Yes, I think there is an ugly, or at least uglier/est, Mew card. If I had to chose, it’d either be this one or more probably this one.
Why? Well the first one just looks a little poorly drawn and just off (the position of the head is weird). And the second one makes Mew look rather fat.

Or I’d get rid of the stupid Black Star Promo so whenever I search Mew on Ebay, I don’t get 1,000 Black Star Promos before anything good shows up :stuck_out_tongue:

I actually like the first one. I am partial to anything Ken Sugimori. The second one should be NSFW. Mew looks like she wants you to paint her like one of your French girls.

Ahahahah I’ll never be able to look at that second one the same way again! Almost looks like Kate Winslet to me now :stuck_out_tongue:!

There’s a lucky stadium card featuring mew, does that count? :wink:

If I had my way, I’d feature every single card in my collection for one reason or another @_@ My least favourite though would be the newest Mew. I don’t know, I just really dislike it. :x


A bad Mew card for me would be Ancient Mew… I don’t like the picture of Mew or how sellers on eBay try to act like the English promo version that was handed out at the second movie is incredibly rare. Please don’t kill me guys! :slightly_frowning_face:

Hahaha I feel the same way on Ebay. Dumb ignorant people - goodness :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t really prefer Ancient Mew either :confused:
It only looks really nice in a super hi-def scan haha. The part I like best though is mainly the total holographic on the card, and the foreign-ness of it. Other than that, I don’t really care for it.

I genuinely dislike ancient mew cards.

I love the PCG Promo Stadium card… with Mew and Celebi … its amazing!

oh and of course the victory Mew!.. I just love Mew and Celebi both…

sunset mew is amazing in my opinion, and lily mew holds a spot in my heart. But ancient mew is not a card in my opinion. Haters gonna hate.

I love Ancient Mew because it is completely different in comparison to any other card still to this day. The hieroglyphics (Runic) used on the card just give an even bigger air of mystery towards Mew. When I first got an Ancient Mew card it was through trading a friend for it, but when I seen it peeled off like a sticker I thought it was fake. So I demanded a trade back and never wanted one again. Turns out I was very wrong! Since I didn’t get handed the card at the Cinema I didn’t know where it came from and because of that I now Love the card because it was so strange and it puzzled me when I was younger.

Yeah i got it when i went to the movies as a wee lad, never cherished it to be honest.