Oct 10th - Oct 16th, 2014 - Sunset Mew - 033/P

Card of the week - Oct 10th - Oct 16th, 2014**‘Sunset’ Mew - 033/P**

**Talk about beautiful artwork. This Mew card most commonly known as ‘Sunset’ Mew is from the McDonalds Promotional set from 2002.

Talk about this card and share your favourite Mew cards!**

It is a beautiful card
once I’m close to completing or near close to completing my Espeon Collection I might even start a new collection of ‘PURPLE’ cards
so physic cards pretty much lol

anyway back on topic
this is my favourite mew other than Shining Mew

The best art on any retail promotional card there is. H-A-W-T.

Easily my favorite mew printed, although the Player’s Mew Ex is a close second for me. The artwork on this card is just magnificent. I’m still trying to get my hands on a mint condition copy of this card, which is proving tougher than I thought.

Seriously, the amount of detail put into this card is incredible. A while back I watched someone do a pack opening and said, “If I get a Sunset Mew, I’m selling the rest of the packs” Second pack had it and you could hear the amount of shock in his voice. XD

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Beautiful card.

I just wish it had a better border.

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I think this wins for my favorite Mew card ever. 2nd would be lily pad mew, and 3rd would be the Players “your name” window mew.

Gorgeous card~

But my personal favorite Mew card is the Coro Coro Shining mew :3