2002 Mcdonalds Promo Mew

Just won an auction for a PSA 10 " Sunset" Mew for $110. This is my first PSA 10 card, did i get a good deal? I have read that these were going for a lot more a year or so ago, why is that? Will the value increase? Also why doesn’t this card come up on the set list on bulbapedia when i google 2002 Mcdonalds promo?

Thank you.


The link above lists the Mew you’re referring to.

I think your purchase price is the lowest ever for that card with that grade, well done!


It is depressing that Sunset mew has reached such a low. Good job on the auction, but damn. Its hard looking at a fallen mew.

Wow, amazing price! I’m pretty sure I paid that to get a ungraded one a couple of years ago!

Do you know any reason why it dropped so low?

They are simply much easier to obtain nowadays compared to prices other users are referring in this thread. I returned to collecting in late 2013/early 2014 and back then PSA 10 Sunset Mew was really scarce sight while selling constantly for $300++.

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^Basically. And the hobby has just grown. More collectors = more stuff is bought/found/graded

I hope one day all mews(and porygons) will take their rightful place at the top of the food chain, each one demanding a minimum of $1000 to own.

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I think another factor are flippers. For example, the seller from this listing practically dumped these cards. They had 3 of them, and wanted to get rid of them quickly. They self saturated the market. Very similar to snap poliwag.


Yeah I’ve noticed that with a lot of similar stuff. People buy multiples, get impatient with selling, drop the price, and saturation occurs. It wounds my soul. He had them up for 135 on instagram a few days before he put them up for auction.

Are the sealed booster packs for these still worth something? I bought one a year or 2 ago and still have it in a first day cover folder with my sealed bday pikachu(non natta)