033/P McDonalds Mew

I’ve noticed this card is exceptionally rare to find, was this given only after completing a special set of tasks or something along those lines, what’s the story behind this one?

@cujucuyo – This is an excerpt of my reply to 87iceman3711 regarding Mew (033/P; 2002 McDonalds Promo):

Yes I agree with UU. My value would be around $100 for it. Got into a heated discussion with smgquest about this. He was stating this card was worth $350. I think a lot of English collectors that just start getting into Japanese stuff really boost values of Japanese cards in their own mind.

I recently sold my PSA 10 version for $350.

smgquest exaggerates the price of everything he owns… ahah.

I would put them around $150-200. The demand on this card has gone through the roof. About a year ago it would earn $100, but I think its average now is $150. The last two ungraded copies sold for that range.

Thanks for the input guys, damn guess trying to get one of these will be a bumpy ride. I really, REALLY love the artwork on it, this is why I love the older cards.

It is a beautiful card the art is awesome, however, I am not a huge fan of the e-reader style…it not terrible either. I am right there with you, the artwork on the older cards is great! The never ones are just to “clean” /computerized and their chase cards are wayyy to overdone for my taste.

Same here, I prefer the older style cards and Pokemon from 1st and 2nd generation only. I avoid the new ones like the plague.