Feb 2 - Feb 8, 2014 - ___'s Pokemon (PLAY PROMO)

____'s Promos


i like the mew, colour lol

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There are more than the examples I placed above. Personally I’ve always felt sentimental around Jirachi, as he is my favourite “cute” legendary…
Didn’t like Keldeo much…

Mew is most definitely my favorite, I just enjoy the simple yet detailed artwork and love the glow it has. Jirachi is nice but it’s probably near the bottom of the list for these cards to me.

I am working on collecting all of these as they artwork is generally outstanding but don’t think i’ll be able to do it cheaply haha.

The jirachi is my favorite, the art is by Himeno :blush:

Kyogre is also really nice. It’s one of my least favorite legendaries but the card art looks awesome

Where are these from?
Were they sealed promos or are they loose?

These are from the PLAY promo set.

Personally, my favorite is Mew since the artwork is so unique. Groudon looks nice as well.

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Which ones would you say are the rarest sealed?

My favorite is _____'s Rayquaza because it’s a beautiful Dragon and I love the artwork!

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He looks too menacing for me like that!