8/4/13 - GB2 Promos

Which is your favorite one?
Do you prefer these or the GB1 promos?

My favorite one is the Mewtwo due to the background. I love the electrical wires, making it look like it’s in Team Rocket’s lab.
I prefer these to the original GB1 promos. I think that these are more unique.

I like all of the GB promos personally, they’re very popular and well-received. My personal favourite is the GB Lugia. The colours (blue and silver and white), the way the holo shines, the Sugimori artwork…all of it really resonates with me. The Mewtwo is a gem too :blush:

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Once again you’re posting about one of the greatest promo sets ever :blush: just like Jason I love each and every card of the set. They are very unique and I can’t even say which one has the edge for me!

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Nice picks Tolan! If anyone is after old japanese back promo’s these are a necessity. For awhile, the Mewtwo card was rarely available. I remember a long time ago when I first saw it, I was not sure if it was real since it rarely hit the market.

The Mewtwo card is my favorite of the two (in case you didn’t notice), but the Lugia’s artwork is probably my favorite example of lugia. It reminds me of a prize card for some reason.

Agreed. It just looks so eloquent and classy.

Ken Sugimori artwork on a colorful background can’t be beat. That lugia is just the best!
Also, for those of you who like the Mewtwo, check out the Houndour (#39) from Neo Discovery. Same artist (who actually illustrated a lot of great cards!) and similar background.

Interesting, how do you know something like that?

Bulbapedia has an article on most artists.

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These are the kinds of cards that would just look great as a PSA 10 set on stands displayed over a fireplace.

I think a screwdown case that holds them side-by-side would look better ;D

I disagree entirely. I love PSA cases, haha.

But we’ll just have to get our own sets. :blush:

I am working on the GB set in PSA 10. When I complete it, should I put them over my fireplace mantle? :open_mouth:

When you complete it, you should place it over my fireplace mantle. I’ll be thankful lol. But yeah you should!

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You should at least do it and take a picture for me! Haha.

Both cards have excellent art, but if I were to choose it would be Lugia.