Gold Bordered XY-P Energy Cards

I’ve never been sexually attracted to a card until today…

On a more serious note, anybody have information about the distribution of these? I have only Dark and Grass so far and they seem to be relatively pricey.


How much did they set you back? I don’t think I’m a fan. Just some text in the background, no real art.

They seem to be going for around 5k yen right now, not sure if that will calm down a bit or not. But the price made me wonder why it’s so high to begin with.

What are these cards? Picked up a few cause they
Look cool but no idea what they are. Some sort of breakthrough golden card event?

I found some info about these Energy cards, here you go:

*The Golden Present Campaign is a mail-in campaign celebrating the start of the brand new Pokemon Card Game XY Break series.

Spend 1,000 yen (or more) on Pokemon Card Game merchandise and mail in the barcode(s) between September 26th and October 31st to be entered for a chance to win one of three amazing prizes.

3) Set of 3 energy cards
You can’t go wrong with gold-edged energy cards.
Each type set will be limited to 2,500 winners, for a total of 5,000 sets.*
Original info:



My guess is demand from people trying to trick out decks.

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Know limited print numbers are always going to push prices up on release, the number of these cards can only ever go down and as long as some sort of demand is there for them in the future I would say the prices will rise, by how much I couldn’t guess as I haven’t been in this for long enough and also at the end of the day they are only energy cards, I wouldn’t be shocked if other energy cards are printed in later lottery style giveaways as second prizes as grass and darkness are quite a strange pair to choose to print if no others are scheduled for the future.