Japanese Meiji Chocolate Promo (2000) - 'Gold Series'

Interested to hear everyone’s thoughts on these peculiar, and very hard to find series of cards.

I was lucky enough to physically purchase a fair few of these on my recent adventures to Japan, and funnily enough they are all in very close to, if not, mint condition.

There was only 16 of these ‘Gold’ series one made, with some of the notable cards being Lugia, Pikachu, Togepi and the 3 Johto starters (Cyndaquil, Totodile and Chikorita). As far as the subject matter goes, the appeal is the full gold front, which looks really nice in a PSA slab.

Populations are extremely low - graded wise. I suppose due to how difficult these were to originally obtain. They are a niche item - but may appeal to a fair few people. Most of the populations of the whole 16 set are 1’s and 2’s individually for each card. Seriously low.

The only listed PSA graded ones for sale on eBay are the ones below (I’ve shadowed the serial) by Dave & Adams - priced high, as I imagine.

Thoughts and opinions are most welcomed! Let me know what you think :grin:

Nice items, they are a cool niche card agreed.

I think there was the silver set, gold set, and then some gen 2 sets, and then meiji just kept creating more and more promo sets / cards. They create alot of promos actually, given out in confectionary usually. This type of item just was always given to kids in supermarkets, so alot were damaged or just thrown away eventually, as they weren’t seen as proper trading cards.

They used to be pretty cheap as a set, not sure what they are going for nowdays. but nice to see.

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Thanks Andrew :wink:

Prices for one of the boxes they come in (10 pack on eBay) stretch almost up to $1k, and the two cards above listed are current for around the same on eBay too. It is a bit interesting to see if there is any room for ‘growth’, but most of the ones for sale ungraded are at best an Ex-NM condition. Population will stay down quite low I think

Its a pretty steep price but I guess its justified since psa 10 is pretty tough to get! It took me awhile to source for mint copies on yahoo japan. I won the full set and it was pretty minty. But the misalignment of the text at the back is pretty common!

There are also blue series too!

Do you have pictures of the rest of the cards in the set? This is the first time I have seen these cards and that Lugia looks sick

These sets used to go $50-75 usd all day for ages; around 2 years ago. But I think recently, being non on ebay, and yja is hard to find, price have influxed.
I don’t think I’d pay 1k for a box of these, but it’s hard to say what these are worth now. Until they are auctioned off or we find some solid sold values from yja
, it will be difficult to price accurately.


Yes, these were everywhere for 15 years and very cheap with low demand. They were freebies when released. I bought and sold many complete sets over the years. Ebirdman had many too if I recall right.
If one of those sold for a thousand you’d see tons getting graded and sold and, of course, the price would nosedive.
They are a neat item and tell part of the story but not investible at those prices I’m afraid.

I can’t find alot of good quality pictures of the set, but a low res one is as below for you.

Thanks everyone for the input. I knew these are a niche item, hard to quantify in terms of price, etc. Nevertheless, a cool piece to own with the retro art (and some nice, notable cards)


You’re totally allowed to grade Pokemon cards just because you enjoy them. :blush:


The essence of collecting in the first place (or should be, anyway) :sunglasses:

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