Giovannismew Collection

Hi everyone

I’m giovannismew, aka Numan. I’ve been collecting Pokémon cards since I was 9. Had a little break when I was 15 and started collecting again at 18. Im 26 now. I mainly collect high end Japanese cards and the original wizards of the coast cards. I have a soft spot for Mew and Giovanni is by far the best character in the manga.

I don’t really tend to showcase my collection very much but I am getting round to the idea of showing little bits off. Please follow my Instagram page if you like.

Just to give you a rough idea of what I have… the complete wotc sets and master sets, various trophy cards, some in the original cases, near complete P promo set, complete Japanese sets up to neo, near complete fan club master set, players promos and well the list goes on.

My absolute must of a card is the 9th stadium promo and bilingual non glossy exeggutor. Anyone have either of them, please let me know :grin:

Anyway that’s me. Thanks for reading.



Welcome mate! Glad your here.

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Thanks man, I appreciate it. Some amazing collections here :blush:]

Love your collection that you have shown so far, get updating that IG with the whole thing!

Thanks :blush: I’m gonna try and do it bit by bit, but I do have some lovely stuff which I must get round to showing

Thanks Reina

Back when the original Pokémon Fan Club was around in Japan, you could obtain the Doduo Imakuni coin if you won a total of 400 GET points. Next would be Eevee at 500, Magikarp at 600 and Porygon at 700. Of course you had jumbos which you could obtain at a lower value I believe.

To this day I have no idea what a GET point is and how they are allocated but I’m assuming it would’ve been like the players fan club where you would get like 10 points for winning a match. However, I am assuming the GET points would be given out at a lower value, ie, 5 points for winning a match considering that just renewing your players fan club membership you would get 1000 points.

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I really enjoy the nostalgia of some of your items. I like the filter usage too. Haha. (hilarious cold can picture, by the way, must have been hot).

Welcome to the forums!

Impressive, I would like to see more stuff from your collection :blush:

Thanks Azul. Yeah it was a very hot day haha. Idea just popped in my head :grin:

Thanks :blush: I do post every now and again on Instagram will need to do one here as well but, yes, keep your eyes peeled

Hey guys

I’ve done created a YouTube account so I will be doing some videos of my collection at some point and little things here and there about Pokémon.

I recently bought some pop 5 booster packs and I recorded the opening. Please check out the link below if you would like to watch it.

Excuse my voice and videotaping. I was literally half asleep. Really thought I was dreaming at the end of video too haha.

Anyway, enjoy :grin:


insane pull

Wow nice!

Nice Kamex computer error and victory ring! I’m am anxious to see what other cards you might share.

OMG! well done hun! :grin:


Impossible pull for only 3 packs!!! You’re very lucky :wink:

Does this mean it’s pointless to buy any packs from Ludkins now? :grin:


2 stars from 3 packs is fully insane, well done :blush:

Ha thanks guys. I did get really lucky. It’s about time though. I’ve never pulled anything rare like that from any packs. Couldn’t even pull a Charizard back in the day.

Thanks mkpokecc. I have 10 cards which are in my personal collection which I will post eventually. 1 of them is of course the Kamex. I do have rarer cards though :stuck_out_tongue:

Wait you only own 10 cards? Why so selective?