Generations Booster Boxes

Hi guys, I don’t post here much but I’ve come asking for advice/feedback about something that I think could be extremely rare and most people don’t even know exists. I actually don’t know if I should be sharing this and I don’t want to get anyone in trouble over it. I was recently allowed to view Pokemon’s US headquarters and while I was there I saw something very unusual, some employees had a booster box on there desk that I’ve never seen before, it was a sealed Generations Booster Box. At first I didn’t want to say anything about it but a couple days later I was hanging out with employees of Pokemon and some had asked me what I thought the value of those boxes might be. Apparently these boxes were only given to Pokemon employees that had started working at the company before/during the release of Generations, on top of that they aren’t allowed to sell product while working for the company so because of this there’s only an estimated 150-200 boxes in existence (not to mention the ones people have already opened, one of the employees told me he already cracked his not knowing it could be worth anything substantial). Unfortunately I wasn’t allowed to take pictures of the boxes for obvious reasons but I’ll include some pics of the headquarters to prove I was there.

Was it solid white? with logo wrapping?

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yes it was, have you seen one before? Trying to figure out an estimated value

I have seen a couple mentioned them and a youtuber who had one in his collection. Most would think its a repack fake, but its legit.

box is shown at 1:01 in the video timeline.

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Woah never knew about this. learn something cool every day…

The failing of these will be that they are just a plain white box. Still a cool little piece to have, considering how they were obtained. But if this had some special artwork or something on those boxes given to employees…oh boy.


100% agree. If they had even the generations elite trainer box logo look to it, it be very sought after. I think the white looks very sweet, but lets say its all white with “prototype” written on it in black lettering with nothing else, oh oh boy boy…

It’s been mentioned a lot of times on this forum and on YouTube, very rare and a ton of people know about them so the demand is high…so should the price.

One of these sold on eBay last year. Went for $412.21. I was bidding at around a few hundred, but didn’t have much background info on them to go off of at the time. I bet if someone listed it as a BIN OBO with proper details and information in the listing they could get a fair bit more than that.


Yeah I remember that one. I was watching it too, but went a bit higher than I was willing to go at the time. Cool product for sure!

Likewise, think I topped at at like $380 because the info was so sparse.

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