Value Pokemon Trainer's Collection box

As far as I know this thing is pretty damn rare, would anyone be able to give me an indication of the price? Does it have any added value for sealed collectors for being so rare?

That’s pretty cool! I’m sure there is some added value over the individual pack price to the right person. But I don’t think it will be too crazy as the characters/ promos aren’t as desirable. If I had to put a number on it I’d say between 25% & 50% increase over individual cumulative pack values.

Funny to see how out of place Typhlosion looks with the old Gold and Silver artwork on that box.

I actually purchased one of these off ebay on August 4th, 2017. The listing was an auction though with a poorly listed title, thus I do not think it got enough traffic. The auction ended at $47.51 which in my opinion was very very cheap considering the 4 EX series packs included along with the scarcity of the item. I can definitely see the box selling easily at $200+ to the right person. There isn’t much availability of guaranteed unweighed EX packs outside of sealed boxes so anyone looking to open packs this would be a great alternative to spending thousands on a box.

This might have had a release in just one of the big box stores. Either way, it’s not on bulbapedia, and probably worth $200. That said, if someone were looking for this specifically, their offer would be almost irrelevant, because these are too rare to just make an offer and easily get someone to sell it to you.

Any official English or Japanese ex series item with boosters, that isn’t even on bulbapedia must be stupid rare.

In Japanese, I think the only product to have boosters from the era is the black and silver special team rocket boxes, and good luck finding those…
This is probably rarer, and won’t see it again for years