Promotional Booster Box - Not for resale

Recently came across this booster box and I am curious to know what is inside. My guess would be some blue & white “demo” booster packs and some kind of box deck. Can anyone enlighten me?

I’m fairly certain it has a couple base set packs and maybe the starter deck in it.

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I don’t believe there’s anything special/unique/valuable. They’ve been around forever, moreso in the beginning, but I don’t recall anything memorable.


I have one of those boxes.
It contains a 2-player starter deck, a Pokemon promotional window sticker, a booklet (very old skool, cringy pictures) and also 3 booster packs. The one I have doesn’t have the booster packs any more. They supposed to contain 1st edition booster packs from what people told me… Not sure though.

Edit, here is a picture of my box:


This is a pretty important detail. lol


it came with unlimited base packs - thats an unlimited 2 player starter deck aswell

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@handschoen is correct.

The value in this product is as a sealed product. Similar to the demo booster packs. Opened it’s worth substantially less as the contents aren’t individually valuable. But as a sealed product, they’ve fetched some pretty solid price! :blush:

There aren’t any 1st edition starter packs right? So the boosters could still have been 1st edition.

There are shadowless decks, which would be included if the packs were 1st ed. But regardless, there have been opened boxes, the packs are unlimited

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Relieve me, if they had 1st Ed Base packs…I would know it lol.

Funny to see the Pokéball being closed on the booklet and box, but opened at the Starter set. I knew something looked ‘off’ when I saw a picture of that box. It’s a cool sealed collectible for sure!

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