Favorite WoTC set poll 🥳


I would still like to make a poll lol

Cool to see Neo Destiny in 1st! Can’t wait to see all the 5/10 and 6/10 scores for the Shinings in the other thread!


I appreciate that, but I can’t see how a Team Rocket set wouldn’t be very popular. Both with e4 and the general public.

It will always been neo genesis for me. That lugia has a special place in my heart. I love base set and had Pokémon blue when I was a kid but silver and gold had to be my prime in Pokémon. 1998 I was 5 or 6 so still a little young. But when gold and silver came out that was my prime era and Still remember begging my parents for silver and gold and them thinking I was crazy for needing to have both games. Guys remember when game boy color games were 35 bucks at Walmart? :joy:


Neo destiny also has dark pokemon and the only set with light pokemon so its not just shinings that made it number 1


Agreed. It’s a top 3 WOTC set for me. Incredible set themeing, varied & stylized artwork, last set with the classic card layout & 1st edition stamp, only set with light Pokemon…the list goes on.

Just a funny coincidence that, by the sounds of it, people here think highly of the set but are more mixed on what are generally seen as the chase cards.

Imo it is despite the shinings that it became number 1 lol, some shinings are good. But pretty much all other cards are insane.

Would love to hear from some of the Neo Revelation lovers on why that set is their favorite. I’m personally not a huge fan and was surprised to see it crack 10% on the final results. The 3 groups of rares that combine to form larger images are neat, as are the legendary dogs, ho oh, celebi, 2 shinings…but the rest of the set feels very disjointed and underwhelming to me. No strong thematic ties.


Does any of the neo sets really have strong thematic ties? Neo Rev has some really strong cards. Some of my personal favorite ken sigumori cards with the 3 dogs. Ho-oh and celebi cards are great and has two of the most popular shinings.


Admittedly a lot of the WOTC sets don’t have quite as much of an obvious theme if you’re just going off card artworks alone. But with the help of the marketing, my imagination always filled in the gaps. For example; Neo Discovery specifically has a very strong lost ruins in the jungle vibe because of the pack art, the Uknowns and overall Pokémon selection. I think the same could be said about almost every WOTC set. This is just my experience and of course I am rockin the nostalgia shades 24/7 :sunglasses:


Base Set 2 always confuses me since it doesn’t make sense from a TCG release perspective. Why a reprint set after base/jungle/fossil? I would think that there was no shortage of product or difficulty in obtaining singles for competive play. Usually the 2 biggest factors that drive the decision for a reprint/reprint set like Base 2 to be made for a TCG. I dont know if base set 2 was standard legal at the same time as base back in the day either. Im also not oblivious to it probbaly being solely driven by WoTC/Nintendo wanting to milk the cash cow.

Anybody else feel this way?

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Good point. For me, I just really like the holos in it and the Shining’s. One thing I hate about Neo Genesis is how you have duplicates of the same Pokemon in holo just with slightly different art. Despite this I still like all the Neo sets just fine, I just really found the holos in Neo Revelation to be the strongest, and it was a nice way to close things off for Gen 2 since it completed the remainder of the Pokedex at that time.

So yeah, I’d say the main reason it’s up there is people love the legendary dogs and the Shining’s a lot would be my best guess.

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I think there’s a fair argument that it was simply a way to try and cash in on the Pokemania at the time. The popularity was just through the roof. I kind of already explained my view on Base Set 2 up above, but I’d say for sure it was mainly a cash grab for kids late to the Pokemon TCG or because WOTC/Nintendo just wanted to try and sell anything with Pokemon on it back then.

I can say with experience that in 1999 my older sibling had some Pokemon cards, but I didn’t start getting mine until 2000 and Base Set 2 was one of the first packs I opened as a kid.

I voted for neo rev as favorite.

The shinings in that set alone are almost enough for it to be there. Also first appearence of the legendary beasts in english with such an iconic artwork plus ho oh of course.

On a total subjective level, this set and neo discovery are the sets that encompass the mysterious aura of Johto which happens to be my favorite gen, having the ruins, the legendaries and the first shinings (not only in cards but also the first that appeared in game).


I had never even really considered that Skyridge and Aquapolis could be as highly regarded as Rocket or the Gym sets…
There sure are some interesting opinions out there to be discovered

Eseries is trash until you look at the artwork

Isn’t that the case for every set?

not the uggos