Fake BGS Slabs Surfaced?

I just recently stumbled upon this tweet and I don’t think anyone has discussed this at E4 yet.

So apparently in the sports scene two BGS 9.5 Lebron’s surfaced in the market with the exact serial number.

If these are really fakes they’re extremely well made. Thoughts?

Another link which discusses it: www.blowoutforums.com/showthread.php?t=1423927


BGS really needs to add more stuff to their labels

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Wow. If this is a real fake it’s going to be rough for new buyers. You can see subtle differences, bolder sub grade text on the fake, Bolder logo. Still that is very subtle.


Surprised this hadn’t already made it onto E4 as this is a few weeks old now. The original article can be found here: mp.weixin.qq.com/s/SO_oTdqaobW_k2jh9Joeuw.

I’ve not been following the story at all but I believe it was originally thought that BGS had assigned the same certification number to two cards with the same grade - not sure if that’s been disproven, but I believe the certs around that one are also the same card with very similar grades.

Edit: Looks like the same cert applied to two cards theory has been disproven as the person who graded that card (and the 2 others) replied to the Blowout thread.

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I’m leaning towards that they’re fake slabs - there’s another Luka one found and the fake slabs exhibit one common discrepancy, the “.” on the patent number. Another thing I observed myself is that the sub grades text seem bolder?

Here’s some info for E4 folks so everyone can know how to detect these fakes!

- YouTube

https://instagram.com/p/CHnSYRGHKnzBuy wisely guys :laughing:


Curious others’ thoughts: if there is a failure in adequate security features (to protect consumers) with an older iteration of slabs/labels for a grading company, and they later improve these features. Is there any onus on the company to reimburse the cost of re-casing for consumers with the older slab product?


Looks like beckett confirmed they are fake:

My first thoughts were that someone opened a case and sealed a decent raw card inside then sold it whilst sending the original 9.5 graded card back in to get graded again

The certs would not be same

well this is concerning, are there any differences between PSA/ CGC and BGS from being faked in similar ways?

Beckett on how to tell the difference between a fake case:


The newer PSA labels have a hologram that provides extra security and is probably hard to reproduce


They’ve also graded fakes in the past as well. Same with PSA and soon with CGC. This has been going on for the longest time.

It happens.
It’s going to keep happening.
Just part of it.

Educate yourselves and buy from people you can trust.

People out there will always try to screw the system somehow because they weren’t raised properly and have no morals or respect for anyone but themselves.