eBay Garbage

Yes - 100% have to use this if using best offer. People are super annoying.


Why is the font so hard for people to do?


Just saw the other thread about this and now it’s on eBay. Is this a recent wave of fake slabs being pumped in?

Could you explain why its fake? To me it looks real. I just know to look at the PSA half split holo image and the rectangular plastic case :open_mouth:
What about it tells you its fake (apart from font apparently)? Is it just the case or the card too?

Cards fake too, look at that 1st edition stamp

The card is fake (color, border cut, 1st edition stamp, font).
Label font is wrong, QR code is too small.
Slab is really well made, but bottom-right of slab is supposed to have the PSA logo embossed.

What is concerning is how well the slab is made, think about it. If someone grades a 9, cracks the case without damaging the label, puts it into this case with the real label + PSA 6 equivalent real card, many people are going to get fucked over by it.

BGS fakes thread (this one is really well made IMO): www.elitefourum.com/t/fake-bgs-slabs-surfaced/30746/1


I can tell the PSA font is fake, but how can you tell by the 1st edition stamp besides it being greyish instead of black? I can’t even tell if the stamp states EDITION or something else in this small-ass 500x500 pixels picture with more background than card in addition to that… :unamused: eBay should forbid auctions without images or small pictures imo, freaking useless… :confused:


That is indeed very concerning. I can see the 1st Edition missing on the left label too. The colour difference is apparent here, the case is very similar if you disregard the bottom right logo…

In general, i would NEVER buy ANYTHING from a seller with so little reviews on ebay. Its just too risky. Its probably someone looking to fudge you over, take your money and then abandon the account.

To add to this, I saw this on eBay this morning. Not sure if It’s just off in color a bit or maybe a picture. But I get the feeling it’s fake

Another key giveaway on many of these fake cards, is how poorly the border centering and thickness is. Not just off-centered, but notice how thin the L/R border is? If it were a genuine card, one border could be thin but the opposite side would have to be significantly thicker.

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Does PSA know about these fake listings too?

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Simple: the thickness of the stamp and the font spacing. The resolution on the fake is pretty bad, but here. If you look a little closer, the letters on edition are too thin and spaced out. The 1 is also far too thick for team rocket.


Urgh, back to the old days of covering your cert numbers when showing off your shit

I don’t get it. Can’t the scammers just cover the numbers too?


Another one here. This seller listed this as NM/M. His response to me reaching out about the crease - “Hey man. I’m sorry. I’m new to this stuff and sorry but we don’t offer refunds.”

Ok then… return started. Good luck pal.


I was thinking this when you posted the old cert label replicas the other day from etsy, so far i have not seen one of these replica cases with the logo on the bottom right though, once that is there it’s gonna be pretty bad if people start slabbing genuine cards in a lower grade as 10’s.

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For a scammer to fake a psa label they would need to know the cert number, covering yours (as well as the barcode/QRcode) will stop the scammer from being able to clone yours.

Yeah, people are talking about how the fakes aren’t good enough & I agree, but honestly those things doesn’t matter when the case itself gets replicated. They used to look crazy off with punch holes and all but now it’s getting pretty close.

My first thought when I saw this is that scammers could easily throw in a real clean card, maybe with a micro-indent into the slab and pass it off as a 10.

Anyways, after another close inspection there are other differences for sure (aside from the embossed logo). I won’t mention it here though in case some fakers actually lurk here.

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This might not be ebay garbage yet. But the guy just filled a dump truck and is on the way to the landfill as we speak. He’s hype shilling his own auction on his 0 feedback account taking a poll on the value of his listing that I view as barely worth 2k with poll options at 4k 6k 8k etc. The guy even blatantly says it’s his auction in a comment Judge for yourself.


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