Fakes are getting out of hand

Low level karp with my first post here…

Both the recent number and quality of proxies (cards / sealed product / PSA slabs) is really gonna hit some new collectors bank balances hard.

The most recent spawn of good for nothing:


Does everyone else here have the same disdain for this as I do?


I hate replicas and I think that the people who are making those are scumbags, but at least they put them in god awfully faked PSA slabs. Anyone with a tiny amount of experience should be able to see that it’s very very fake


Absolutely disgusting. I would love to hear from someone who buys garbage like that. I wonder what they get out of it. They don´t even look close to the real thing, and they´re paying hundreds of bucks. And next thing you see is them getting flipped on ebay and scamming some new or uninformed buyer.

I just sent the PSA customer support a mail with the link to this shop. Maybe they’re interested in taking legal actions against the operators.


lol, me too! the more the better!


I’m gonna be honest here, these would have possibly fooled me. The PSA logo isn’t holographic and stuff which makes them obviously fake, but as someone who doesn’t deal in slabs very often, I could see myself missing that on ebay. Very saddening.


PSA has shut down identical situations. This is just sad. You can buy great real cards for that amount of money.


The certs appear to have been flagged by PSA. I’d love to see people like this get slapped in the mouth with a big fat lawsuit


someone actually bought fake base 2 box for 1.3k… wut


Fucking what? Link?

op link and scroll down

Wow. Whoever even thought of this idea, let alone had the balls to make it a real thing, is a douchebag. People like this are a waste of o2.


Yuck. I can’t imagine buying that and thinking you’re getting a good deal. The price markdowns are really douche-y too


Honestly, same - I buy ungraded cards and I wouldn’t spot this without some really close examination, though to be fair with the price of those cards (real) - I would ABSOLUTELY give it close examination lol.

I honestly can not think of a reason other than to hopefully re-sell for more. Purely for douche bags :grin:


Doesn’t look like they are manufacturing any of the stuff they are selling apart from maybe printing the PSA Labels (doubt they are holo) the cards are the same fakes that have been around for a while now (from China) the empty slabs are on eBay for £6 a pop and that base 2 box and the packs are old fakes too.

I’m not sure any of these would “fool even the sharpest of eyes” as they claim & I think they know that otherwise they’d try and scam direct themselves, in a way they are trying to scam the scammers that are looking to buy the product to sell on as legitimate.

Either way everyone should report the site to PSA, I’m sure it will be taken down a.s.a.p

Absolute scum these people who make and distribute fakes.


PSA will shut this down, there is zero reason not to.


I feel like if these people were to put in the same amount of time and energy into doing something legitimate instead of ripping off people who don’t know any better, they could find a way of making money that’s more sustainable.


I hate replicas like these. This might be unpopular, but I don’t like the comments about how obviously fake they are. It comes off as arrogant and uncaring of newbies in the hobby. The truth is, many of them are more than convincing enough to scam even experienced buyers. Take this for example:

You spot an eBay listing by someone with about 100 positive feedback, posing as someone who doesn’t know any better, and the following card at $300 buy it now. Don’t tell me you wouldn’t jump at the opportunity for a quick flip. Luckily, eBay buyer protection should help you in this case. But I’d hate to see someone buy it thinking it’s real for months or years, just to be devastated and no longer protected under eBay.

While PSA might be able to get them to stop faking their slab, what about the booster box and booster packs? While I’m enjoying the recent boom in the hobby, I hate what that’s brought with it. Fakes have been around since the beginning, but it’s getting worse and destroying buyer confidence.