Evolving Skies Market Watch

Rudy made it sound like he had knowledge about an intentional price manipulation of ES box prices. In today’s market, it wouldn’t suprise me if the price spike was triggered by an event like that.

Of course that being said, manipulation like this can only work if there’s already a level of organic demand and acceptance of the new price. If there wasn’t, the spike would be temporary and just a blip in the long term. If the price ends up stabilizing at this new price then ultimately whether it was triggered by a 100% organic event or not doesn’t matter from a practical perspective; the organic demand supported the new price.


I’ve sold 4 ES cases into the recent run up. 1 was to a relatively new ebay account and immediately relisted on ebay at a higher price. 1 was to an ebay account that sells golf cart supplies. The other 2 weren’t noteworthy (likely illuminati smurf accounts).

There is definitely a bit of a FOMO aspect to the recent rise in ES prices. Loose packs seem to be in the $11-12 range now, but I’ve managed to pick up ~65 at MSRP over the last month or so, so there are some opportunities to stock up still.