everyone needs a hobby

So everyone here (I assume) has a hobby of collecting trading cards.

Just wondering what other hobbies the community here enjoys?? Personally i enjoy fishing from time to time, play a bit of xbox (less these days due to time) and compete in long distance triathlons (where most of my spare time goes).

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Something ill have to do before I die. Definitely prefer the simple set ups. Nothing worse than trying to reset a complex surf rig a few beers down!


I play Poker with JFK, Franz Ferdinand, Julius Caeser, and Abraham Lincoln.


In the case of cards, I don’t play Pokemon but I do play Magic the Gathering. :stuck_out_tongue:

As for other hobbies. I USED to collect Star Wars - Boba Fett memorabilia but stopped after my first few years of college.

I currently love Aquascaping and have three fish tanks and have helped others set up their own tanks with live plants and real wood.

I create beaded bracelets that I’m in the process of starting an Etsy shop soon, too. Just have to take pictures of my first three bracelets to exhibit them so I can get the shop officially started.

I also have a small collection of See No Evil, Speak No Evil, Hear No Evil stone carved monkeys that I only pick up if I find randomly.

My most consistent hobby though is practicing a martial art called, Capoeira. Which I’ve been doing for almost 5 years now. Love it! :stuck_out_tongue:


I enjoy tending to my bearded dragon and drawing. My main hobby right now is cards though and all the socializing that comes with it via the interwebs

  1. Trading cards / retro video game collecting
  2. Selling on Ebay / Yahoo Auctions
  3. I used to play in professional gaming tournaments for years, but went cold turkey end 2012 and totally do not play now…as too time consuming
  4. Copic Sketch artist
  5. I’m 100% white, buy study and speak some Chinese
  6. Likes to shuffle / running man
  7. Gym
  8. Clubbing
  9. Chicks

Chicks #9??? Dang, how times have changed;)


1.) reptiles
2.) fish
3.) weightlifting
4.) drawing/piano

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Is that why they told me they can’t come to our next weekly bridge party? Teddy Roosevelt is going to be steamin’ mad when he find outs!

Nice! What genre of art?

Oh, well I’ve studied over 7 years of art, 1 year at university, then changed to business thereafter.

I used to do optical art, and surrealist sketchwork, but now, I do more comic art - post modernism, like anime / marvel comics, that sort of thing. But very time consuming… I have all my copic markers and prismacolors just sitting here… >.< hard to make time to use them.

Would love to see some samples of your comic artwork, especially the anime-inspired stuff. Do you have a website or Deviantart account?

(Not sure if you know this, but I publish manga, including instructional guides such as the “How to Draw Manga” series. Years ago there was a “How to Draw Manga” book that focused exclusively on Copic markers.)

Fish keeping (used to be Malawi cichlids, now Ranchu goldfish. Look them up, they’re the best.
Studying Chinese (now conversant, reading…starting to write)
New hobby - gym and trying to get in beast mode.


Animals - my 1st passion in life - and why I love Pokemon so much - my current pets include 2 cats - Akamaru and Summer, 1 Uromastyx lizard (like bearded dragons and some other lizards - they do sometimes bob their head up and down if doing an aggresive “this is my territory” display)- Goten, 1 Golden gecko - Treecko (had him since spring 2005), 1 Chinese praying Mantis (Lookout), 3 Carribean hermit crabs - Sally, Coconut the 3rd, Yogurt the 2nd.

Pokemon anime, manga, video games
Other video games - sonic series, Legend of Zelda, RPG’s, mainly
Manga and Comic books
Action figures and plush - mainly Pokemon, Sonic, Legend of Zelda, DBZ, Ninja Turtles, etc - but greatly trying to curb this to focus mainly on Pokemon cards. However most Legend of Zelda figures I will try to get.
Will play most board games, card games, video games with friends.
Enjoy nature walks (especially at the beach).


Wow. i get the general theme that most of the people here love animals a lot!

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I am currently collecting blu ray movies and TV series (some in DVD). I’ve amassed over 300 at this time, which is still quite small in terms of the collectors who take the hobby very seriously (many have thousands of them!).

I’ve also begun trying to collect all of the Pokemon strategy guides for every game.

Additionally, I have been trying to rebuild my complete in box (CIB) and sealed collections of Pokemon games in English, Japanese and PAL. I have nearly all of the English releases in CIB form, but the other languages and sealed collection are lacking quite a bit. This collection has slowed down in growth as of late, however.

Oh yeah, I used to collect sneakers a few years ago, but due to the expense of such items and the hassle it has become to attain the more coveted pairs, I only buy a few pairs a year now and I am still on the hunt for only a couple more pairs that have eluded me since I began collecting.

In due time, I will complete these collections, but I hope that doesn’t come too quickly. The thrill of the hunt is always my favorite part :blush:

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hehe, I used to work in a video store, it had the best mates rates for buying dvd’s direct from suppliers, one of the workers amassed thousands of dvds and blue rays, apparently he watched them all at least once… not sure if he was telling the truth though :S

also, I collect the video games sealed, and VGA graded, I will post them one day here.

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Awesome!! Can’t wait to see that :blush:

Teddy knows he got banned from our Poker games because he drew from the bottom of the deck. That’s why they don’t want to play bridge with him. He probably signals.

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Caught a hanger, Sarge!