Espeon & now Venusaur Collection (plus The Odd foreign card)

My Baby came today

Also have around 4-6 other espeons, the collection is up and running, I aim to complete all the english ones within the next few months then I will start with other languages ,I Already have two of the Japanese ones ,so that’s good;P
May be purchasing another one off another user here soon ,we’ll see;P
good luck me xD

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Oh yea not all of the others are graded yet, that will probably happen next month!

I’m excited to see your collection grow! I love collections like this, though I might be a bit biased :wink:

Me too ,Unique aswell, I hope…

Never settle for anything less than a 10 :wink:

will have one coming with a 9, sadly but not too disapointeddd happy this is a 10, I love it

PSA 10 pl0x

;D great eh

Best of luck with it.

This looks fantastic!

Do you plan to have all of your Espeon cards graded?

eventually, yea

THANK you I’m gonna be on that for sure

I can’t even get an offer on my PSA 9 copy that meets that.

Reliable seller I’ve brought from him a little, but he does get prices above other BIN on eBay which I just don’t get

Hey, I just messaged that user!

Orihime56 is a good seller. He is one of the few that are on my favorite sellers lists because his cards are always as described and generally auction-style so you get a price better than the BIN listings. But you are right about the Pikachu FA, that price is ridiculous.

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I suspect he prays to Lord Helix for a good harvest.

That or he has a dedicated fan base, as was mentioned before.

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well I have to hope no one is gonna snipe that card;D

Might be related to offering worldwide shipping.

I think he’s a great seller. All you need to see is the background behind the card and you know who’s auction you have :blush: I like him because he always puts everything up at .99ct regardless how much a card is worth.