progress(no pics as of yet)

I Promise I will make sure pics are available real soon but some updates,

the espeon collection is going ok, don’t need that many more on the english side, also already got two Japanese ones, and a german one on its way

other collections/side things

Korean/other languages, got a few korean cards, italian commons/uncommons, some spanish ones
some decent pulls from my italian pack openings: 1x nidoking, 1x magneton 1x Mewtwo
two korean ex’s

also have full team rocket sets, gym leader /challenge sets, minus a few cards mostly giovanni

Just letting you know that instead of starting a new topic all the time, you could just bump your old thread mate :blush: just so that all your collection can stay in one location


I know I could of but preferred to make new one, in the future I shall only update this one ,thanks

I can’t wait to see pictures

as some of you will know aswell as my espeon collection I also Like and collect foreign cards

just won an auction for these

they are 1st edition aswell I believe so, hopefully I get lucky and pull A charizard (unlikely, but you never know)

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Those are really cool. I like those a lot.

What site was the auction on? (If eBay, what country)

was on ebay and United States

Do you already have the english espeon gold star? I’ve got two psa 9s and another I just pulled from some pop 5 packs. It should get a 10. Absolutely flawless.

Don’t think I do lol

What condition do they have to be in for your collection?

near mint +although saying that doesn’t always apply as I generally buy bulk and end up with alot of bad items sometimes haha, like a lot of french cards came today some in good some in played . but meh

yeah espeons have to be near mint to make it into mine ;d

them chinese booster packs should be here by wednesday/thursday, Looking forward to opening them
also just purchased pokemon monopoly ,nearly bought the Chinese version aswell, but didn’t
waiting on a guy getting back to me involving a deal for a near complete set of Chinese holo’s aswell so
if I manage to purchase them I shall post a pic of them all

Sounds interesting. Always nice to see complete (or near complete) foreign holo sets.

Yep He tells me he has more booster packs too so might be spending alot this month lol

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Please let me know if you get a pikachu.

I will do

Curious: What is he charging you per pack?

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well for the current two I have arriving I paid $46 +$8 shipping

That would be reason enough for me to keep them sealed, lol