Error Erika’s Venusaur?

I don’t usually make posts like this but I’m stumped and I need help. Have this Erika’s Venusaur that is very nice condition (solid 8 or low 9) but it’s missing part of its holo or the coloring behind the holo or something. I really don’t know how to explain it so I’m just gonna post pictures with comparison next to a normal one and maybe you experts out there can shed some light on it for me.

side view
another angle to show shine is still there.

here’s the normal copy again for reference.


That is curious. I’ve held a few of these cards and haven’t seen that yet I don’t think

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I’ve got a unlimited base chansey with the same defect, but gem mint otherwise, sent it in for grading and it got a 7.


I sent in one that was pack fresh about 3 years ago that looked exactly like that. It got a 10. Their standards for that defect may have changed, however at the time it didn’t seem to affect the grade.

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