Venusaur base set - missing ink layer?

Hi all,

I have come across this base set venusaur with what appears to be a print error where it is missing a layer of ink off the holo. Has anyone come across this before? Is there anyway of determining if this is a factory error? I have no reason to suspect otherwise, the owner says he pulled it from a pack as a child and he didn’t even know it had anything different about the card as he brought in his whole collection to show me.

Any help is much appreciated, thanks!

I’m not really seeing the error here, can you be more specific about what it is?

It does look a bit lighter than a typical unlimited Venusaur, but I wouldn’t call this an error. In my opinion, it’s just natural variance of the saturation of Base Set cards.

I don’t think the previous image showed it off well enough, hopefully this is clearer! Just silver holo on the left and silver Streak on the right.

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Based on the damage I would say that it isn’t an error, but more so damage. However I’m still learning about types of damage that is replicable vs. a true print error.

Wow that looks like someone took acetone (nail polish remover) to remove ink and make the background brighter. I hesitate to call cards like this a true obstruction error after my CGC Charizard fiasco.


To me, it doesn’t make sense why the ink on the Venusaur is fine while the background is missing. It also doesn’t make sense that all 3 cyan, magenta and yellow layers are erased in the same spot. This feels more like damage than an error


I wasn’t going to the “A” word in an error thread, but that was exactly my thought lol

Thank you for sharing, this is very helpful/insightful!

Yes acetone had crossed my mind too, but what I find strange is apparently this is a child hood collection and they did not even highlight the venusaur to me out of over 1000 cards, it was me that raised it.

I have recommended they send it to cgc, or if they want to sell raw to say it has a ink layer missing but not describe it as an error.

It would be fine to send it to CGC to see what they say, but I would not recommend listing it raw and stating that there is an ink layer missing. @pfm is right - it doesn’t make sense why all three color ink layers (CYM) would be missing in the same spot but Venusaur and other portions of the card are unscathed.

I do not think that this is an error, and I believe that listing it would be misleading until you have a professional grading company look at it.