Crazy Charizard Error! What do you think?

Hey all, long time lurker first time poster. Had this card out of its safe deposit box this weekend and wanted to finally share it with the E4 familia. Here is my 1 of 1 (to my knowledge) Error- Missing Holo Layer shining Charizard graded by CGC. the last two pics were taken side-by-side with a normal shining charizard graded PSA 9 to show some juxtapose for effect. Feel free to weigh in on it’s rarity, value, hate it or love it, trash or treasure.


What a beauty! Purple Charizard looks so cool, I kinda wish they didn’t change its shiny color :grin: Do errors like these directly affect the grade? Or why did it get a surface subgrade of 4.5?

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It’s a beauty, that’s for sure.

Value, I’d throw a guess around 10k to the right buyer?

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This one might be go for a huge huge premium… nice card!


That’s an awesome card. Reminds me of the one TCA gaming talked about in a recent youtube video


yea i feel ya, that color scheme is really nostalgic. although the new shiny variant is really cool. the OG shiny just hits different.

As for grading idk how that works, i know pinched and partial missing texture will affect surface grades. but idk what their decision is in this case. I was jus happy to find out it was real, even happier to realize its rarity. kinda blew my mind it was the only one.

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I have no clue its actual value. I aquired it raw, and sent for CGC grading. It hasn’t changed hands since being authenticated. Although i would take a crazy number like that to take it out of my collection.

The only similar comp is the sale of the base 2 non-holo CGC error. That sold at PWCC auction for +16k.

i think 10k is low for this if you find the right collector

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Really think so? That would be awesome. Hardest part is getting it to that “right” forever collector not just someone trying to change hands and make a few bucks. Either way it’s gonna sit with me for a while i love having it. Couldn’t imagine not owning it anymore.

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I 100% love it, it makes it so unique, congratulations!

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That is incredible. Honestly makes me appreciate the artwork for this card even more to see this non-holo version. Errors like this are truly special, congratulations!

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Yea I’ve seen an handful (i tracked less then 10 total) of these half-holos or “loading errors” Neo Destiny cards, They are Pretty Sick in itself. About two weeks before i came accross mine i had seen this card on a FB errors page. So it had me thinking mines had a small chance at being real which is why i took the risk. it was an emotional roller coaster until i had found out.

Borrowed Picture, Not my Card. :orange_heart::fire:

It looks so good with this purple color :open_mouth: