Exchange Please Holo Patterns

I just got a package with the Venusaur, Charizard and Blastoise “Exchange Please” holos today. I was re-sleeving the cards and noticed the Venusaur had a completely holographic front whereas the Blastoise/Charizard holographic patterns were strictly limited to the artwork window.

I know that the Exchange Please holos were released later for Pikachu Records, and essentially the same Venusaur card was used in the GB promo set (my GB version doesn’t have a fully holographic front though).

Does anyone know of any differences between the Exchange/Record releases of these cards?

I’m afraid it sounds like the Venusaur you’ve bought is a fake card. None of those promos were ever released with a completely holographic front. Also the GB promo Venusaur and the one that was part of the Pikachu records CD are slightly different…

Can you post some pictures? It makes it easier to judge

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If it is, I’ll be really disappointed as I bought them from Promo-Sen based upon the reputation he/she has amongst UPCCC members.

The blastoise/charizard are completely normal. The Venusaur has subtle holofoil sparkles across the entire card face, but it doesn’t feel like a fake. I could be wrong.

I’ll try to take some pictures when I get home.

Out of interest, how do the exchange/record versions differ?

Oh okay I see. Well then forget what I wrote, Promo-sen doesn’t have her reputation for no reason. I’m very positive that she doesn’t sell anything that is fake. There are probably different versions of those promos that I just didn’t know about. I copied the picture from your auction, maybe somebody else knows better?

Yes it’s just a printing error that shows up spontaneously sometimes. Many cards have varying degrees of show-through when it comes to the holo patterns. I’ve noticed it fairly frequently with Fan Club Porygons.

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There we have it! :blush:

This is very interesting. I thought the holo pattern was intentional on the Fan Club porygon :open_mouth:

I didn’t think it was, but who knows! The colourless Japanese cards themselves tend to have the most show-through from what I’ve seen. And if you compare different Fan Club Porygons then you will see that the amount by which the holo shows through varies from card to card.

Thanks for clearing that up everybody. I like the look of the error card more than the normal in this case, so all good.

Speaking of Fan Club cards, @hapycakeoven I know you have a preference for ungraded cards. Did you initially search for your Eevee and Porygon ungraded?

I purchased them together with another graded card. For higher end cards I actually do kind of prefer graded or just a diesel hard case :stuck_out_tongue:

For all the others it just racks up costs and space so yea, now i usually just go for ungraded

Yes Promosen doesn’t do fake.


Yeah, it’s just a printing error

I never thought it was. It was just an interesting observation to me that I thought I’d share with everybody.

Thanks for the cards :blush:

Yes I missed it, slightly more valuable so another happy buyer

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