English Shining Legends Set Discussion

Not sure how many people did the pre-orders from Pokemon Center online for the Shining Legends Elite Trainer Boxes but some people have received them early (myself included)…they were slated to ship out on 9/22, but most shipped out a few days early…I received my 7x ETB boxes today and thought it would be nice to have a discussion thread on this set, post pulls, etc.

Summary of my experience today:

  • Opened 7x ETBs

  • The 7x Ho-Oh promos were mostly in mint condition, but a couple had whitening due to the way they were just haphazardly packed in some of the boxes

  • 2x Hyper/Rainbow Rare GX pulls: Mewtwo GX (NOT the Lab Mewtwo) and Entei GX

  • 7x Shining pulls: 2x Shining Mews, 2x Shining Volcanions, 2x Shining Rayquazas and 1x Shining Arceus. ALL but 1x each of Mew and Rayquaza had major centering issues. This was extremely disappointing.

  • 4x Full Art GX pulls: 2x Mewtwo, 2x Pokemon Breeder

  • 10x Normal GX pulls: Mewtwo, Raichu, Zoroark, Entei

  • 2x of the 7x ETBs had ZERO Shinies and only had 2 GXs total.

Overall, was not too disappointed and I was actually quite surprised at how low the pull rates seemed (anecdotal of course). I thought I was going to end up with less than 1x Shiny pull per box since my 7th one came on the last pack of the 7th box…was bummed out about not pulling the English Lab Mewtwo, though I expect that to be crazy rare. Definitely interested to hear about other people’s experiences with this set once the full release is here.

One thing I will note is it is really sad that Shining Lugia, Shining Celebi and the Hyper Rare Ho-Oh are all promos from the upcoming Ho-Oh Super Premium Collection Box, which really holds back their value potential for the future.

(Also, I absolutely cannot get over how INCREDIBLE the Hyper Rare Mewtwo is from this set…it’s soooooo awesome).


Nice pulls. I look forward to this set. I have 10 boxes coming in before the release day. Hopefully get lucky with some quality condition cards. You mentioned the condition of the ho-oh promos, how about the rest of the pulls? Any worthy of PSA grading in the future?

Some of the Shinings have terrible centering issues…of the 7x I pulled, only 2x are PSA 10-worthy. Otherwise, the Hyper Rare Mewtwo and Entei GX are PSA 10 worthy, good centering, no scratches and no edge whitening at all, and the other GXs are fairly mint as well. Print quality as far as whitening is concerned isn’t a big issue, but the centering certainly will be.

The shinings to have 2 that are possibly psa 10 worthy is still very good. Maybe you can get some 9s out of the other ones which is also still very good. This is one of the most anticipated sets in a long time so I’m sure it will have some decent value in the years to come.

This is the nicest set Pokemon has done in ages. Now if only they would bring back 1st edition cards. I have an ETB and Ho-oh premium collection on the way!


Looks like English is suffering from the same problem that Japanese has with centering.

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i only got two boxes, but i also got no shinies. I luckily got a HR Raichu, but nothing significant besides that. Im glad these pull rates arent complete jokes, like previous sets. Ie yet to see anyone pull the Lab Mewtwo

The pull rates probably mimic the ones from Neo Destiny which are 1 in 12 packs. Coupled with HRs and the Lab Mewtwo this set is a tough one to complete.

Yeah I watched a couple videos on youtube of the pull rates and originally I thought it was one shining per box but some of the boxes dont have it. Id say its safe to say maybe 1 out of every 2 boxes or even 3. You were very lucky to get 7 shinings from 7 boxes jayce87 that or the people I have seen open them were just unlucky with there box.

:heart_eyes: I just want lab mewtwo

Me too! And a shining mew!

Did you knew they added a reverse holo set of the Sun & Moon energies in this series?

I think this will be a super popular set. They did a good job with the shining effect on the Pokemon. The cards feel nice.

Fundamentally, releasing direct through Pokemon early is bogus for small stores. I hate that. If they did hobby shops and their website, that’s fine, but incentivizing people to avoid hobby shops is a low blow and historically bad decision making for a physical game that depends on small shop space for competitive proliferation.

The pull rates are about what any set offers through ETBs. I’ll disagree with the value being damaged by having some of the shinings reserved for promos. If they were tin promos, sure, but an expensive box collection can definitely yield solid values. Consider the values on the Mew and Mewtwo from the 20th anniversary premium collection, which is the most similar product to date. Those have done phenomenally.

I hope that a lot of people on E4 purchase a set of either these shinings or the Japanese equivalent for their collections. They are truly delightful and have a place in most any collection.

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Lucky my shining mew has good centering :blush:

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Interesting…my Japanese Shinies from SM3+ all had crazy good centering! From what i’ve seen of the English shinies so far, they are significantly worse than the Japanese versions…hopefully they will get corrected in future print runs.

According to PokeBeach, the Shining pull rate is looking like it’s around 1-in-15 packs, at least based on the results of 100 ETB openings…holy moly, I got wayyyyy luckier than I thought. :stuck_out_tongue:


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Has anyone yet seen the actual image of sealed booster box? Only thing I can find is this but really odd if Pikachu is on another side when it isn’t even in booster pack artworks, maybe some concept art?


Shining legends will not be released in a booster box, it will be released in promotional products like Elite Trainer boxes, those 2 pack boxes, that massive box,etc.

That box looks like a mock up, says in description “You will receive 36 loose single packs, the box is just for demonstration” if you didnt know already.

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I had no idea that’s the case with this expansion, must’ve missed some crucial Pokebeach news lately. So much wasted potential… :sob:

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Unpopular opinion:

Regular set cards look better than the shinings and ultra rares.

The shining Pokemon feel…lacklustre. I can’t help but compare them to the Neo shinings and they feel like they lack character. They’re too cartoonish.

However, almost every other card in this set looks amazing.