efour eBay Support Auction-PSA No Stage Blastoise

Let’s show our appreciation and support to our forum by putting up, and advertising here, an eBay listing every so often. Plus, put some nice bids on the support auctions.
The powers that be never ask us for donations or anything. They put in time and expense so we have a solid place to call home.

I hope this will catch on and will start the offering myself with this GREAT card:)



You know every time I look at your listings Gary, a part of me hopes that just maybe, the Pikagirl would be included this time. x]


Lol…you never know what will come in your next package :wink:

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Jessica eh? I shall.

I’m more inclined to buy from people whom I’ve conversed/know so I don’t think this is a bad idea at all

Thanks so much for doing this Gary, I don’t deal with the forum financials but I bet this will certainly help. Very much appreciated!!!

Thanks Ethan.
I sure hope we get a nice amount for the forum.
Come on guys…you can help:)

Gary, the legend.

Great idea :blush:

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It is a VERY good cause.

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it just, kept going…ton


Venusaur that shoots 6 Solarbeams at once? So imba.


I’m giving @garyis2000 a standing ovation right now.


Like i always say… There will be blood.

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What’s that supposed to mean?


nvm. Now check your pms lol. I was refering to the pictures above xD Though it wouldnt make sense to some. Also thought maybe you were saying gary deserve standing ovation for the accusations i put against his blastyoise, but then i realised it was about the listing more so :rofl:

What does a mint copy go for?

So the entire amount raised goes to the forum or only the profit?

I sold mine for $240 recently, though I think I could have got more had I waited abit longer. It could be noted that it’s much harder to find one graded that actually says “no stage” error on the label. A PSA 7 should do quite nicely :blush:

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I just bought a PSA 9 No stage for $125 but they typically go for around $250. A PSA 7 should fetch at least $100

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