No stage Blastoise - Need Help Please

Hey everyone, I just did a trade for a Blastoise from someone and the one I received does not have the word “Stage” up top? Is it possible someone scratched it off? And is this even a common error?

Let me know if you need more photos

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It’s a misprint error.

Wow thats pretty crazy, are these more of a rare misprint error, or kind of common?

The misprint Blastoise (your) It’s a beutiful error card, there are few on ebay, one graded psa 9 for example

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I think you did a good trade :wink:

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From your image gallery I will grade it Near Mint (some white dot around the back border of the card).

Oh wow!!! Yep definitely a great trade! Thanks for the link :grin: Yeah I would definitely say it is Near Mint and staying in my Near Mint+ Base Set collection hehe

Great find…too bad it’s not square cut;)

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I saw that listing on eBay before, never knew it was a square cut + no stage Blastoise! Just clicked on it and read the description… That explains a lot about the price too hahaha (;

If you check who the seller is, you’ll see how he’s unreasonable as well


Unreasonable yes but I’m sure he would give you 3% off anyway hihi.

He’s a good guy. Ask for more. If you ask for 3% off he’ll probably give you more if you tell him you’re from UPCCC. :blush:

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Lol…I’m sure you’re right there…

Of course @garyis2000 would! He’s so generous, he’ll even give you 99.9% off… *mumbles: after a 100000% price hike*

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Hmmm…that’s an interesting idea :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey Zelda

I’ve seen that square cut, no stage blastoise for awhile and I’m curious how you came across it. If you can share I’d appreciate the story of that find.

When I was a little kid, I opened a booster pack in his comic store. I opened it and got the blastoise. He then traded me 10 booster packs for it. That’s how he obtained it. It’s so rare, I been hurting for the past 10+ years


Actually, it was 15 years ago Elam. And I think I gave you 10 Action Flipz packs for it :wink:

Hisoka my friend. I don’t really quite remember?

Lol. Why is there is a question mark after your own statement. For some reason that’s making me laugh really hard.