I need Base Set Blastoise cards in my life - 5/12 UPDATE!!!

I’m trying to collect Base Set Blastoise cards in EVERY language (1st edition, unlimited) and every other variation. You can check out my current PSA graded collection right here

I need the following the cards:- Korean unlimited - Any condition! - I will give you a kidney for this card****- English Grey 1st Edition Stamp error - Any condition!****
I will definitely make an offer on:- Chinese unlimited - Any condition but preferably NM- English Unlimited 4th Print Run (UK print, 1999-2000 copyright) - PSA 8 or higher condition- French unlimited - MINT only - PSA 9 or higher condition- Dutch 1st and unlimited - NM or higher- Portuguese 1st and unlimited - NM or higher- Japanese No Rarity Symbol - Any condition but preferably NM or higher- Any severely miscut/off centered card of any language and print run. Any error of any sort. Anything that may make the card stand out as unique or any card that could be considered an oddity.
I may make an offer on the following cards:

  • Trainer Deck B Non Holo Print - Any condition but preferably NM/MINT. I own a PSA 9 that I would like upgraded to a 10.- English Stage error - NM/MINT or PSA 7 or higher- Any square cut of any language. I already own an English square cut but I’m always looking for more!
    I do NOT need the following cards unless considered error/misprints/miscuts/square cuts:- English prints - Unlimited, Shadowless and 1st edition- German 1st and unlimited- Spanish 1st and unlimited- Italian 1st and unlimited - Korean 1st - Chinese 1st - French 1st- Japanese unlimited
    I can pay you directly through Paypal or we can use eBay. I can send checks via pigeon delivery (or hawk delivery if you prefer) just let me know! If you’re unsure if I’d be interested in your card, send me a message. I really don’t mind.

**5/12 UPDATE - PSA Collection Completed

I finally completed my goal of collecting every Base Set Blastoise print! This collection includes every language and edition. Btw, I’m not counting Korean Unlimited. Is that cheating? Yes. Do I feel bad? No, fuck Korean unlimited.

Here’s the album

If you know anyone that has Korean Unlimited or the English 1st edition grey stamp error please shoot me a message! All of my wants posted above are still up to date as I’m always looking to upgrade the lower quality cards in the collection.
That’s it for now. Thanks for looking.**


The crown jewel Blastoise is the No Stage Square Cut Base Unl.
There’s only 4 known to exist.


You have that one dont you on your ebay? The real one that isn’t cut by non factory dudes?

Right lol.
I just wanted to give fritz something to think about.

Go buy dat one fritz.

So gary your square cut isn’t from that guy who cut those sheets up himself?

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Right, it isn’t. Mine came directly from WOTC in 1999 as a replacement for one that I pulled from a pack that was miscut(I’d like that one back too;)

It doesn’t matter though because people dont know the difference between mine and an after market cut. So the value suffers:(

Now do I blame him? Well, cutting up rare sheets sucks big time but what’s worse, he cello wrapped them to deceive the public.


So basically, this guy is full of BS?

I just commented on the video lol. I said this:

These are cut by a human… There not Factory Miscuts. The guy who cut these himself put them all in the wrappers. These did not come directly from WOTC in 1999.

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Of course he already knew that;)

He’ll be BGS grading them then flood the market…

Dont tell me someone is actually going to pay like 6,000 for his charizard, or already did… He should probably sell them for reasonable prices because who ever he sells them to, isn’t really going to have them selves something very of value for there collection. Do you know this guy on the youtube?

I also don’t understand why BGS would Grade these cards, when they have NO way of knowing if they came from factory or not. The wrappings around them should be enough infomation to send them back to him. You know about it gary, so BGS should be knowing about dis shit. Pretty upsettering. Some of the stuff @smpratte said about the graders makes alot of sense, but I thought as company they should have these things down in there notes der boi.

COnspiracy theory:
This youtuber has master hack skills and managed to hack into de servers of BGS and delete the notes on deese square cut cards.

All I know is BGS refused to grade square cuts…until now. I’m surprised too. I have quite a few square cuts that I think I’ll send in to them then list them cheap.)


hMMM this is really strange then that they graded these.

Did this guy contact you before cutting them up, when you had that you would pay 10k for any other square-cut no stage Blastoise on your original listing?


They sure did;)

Why are people calling this guy out and saying he cut them himself? Evidence to support…?

Who said he cut them himself?

I’ll rephrase then…that someone other than the factory workers cut them?

Ill pm you.

If any of the old timers here want the answer to Joseph’s question PM me.