WTB: Several Blastoise Cards

Japanese Collection Y unlimited edition 061/060 <$100

For Position Only Blastoise <$1000 (A long shot, I know)

1st Edition Base Set Blastoise Portuguese (Attack should say Jato de agua) $100-$1000 depending on condition

Topps Tekno Chrome Blastoise any condition preferably less than $200

Still trying to figure out which 1 or 2 Topps cards I have left to complete that collection.

Just trying to fill in some old gaps in my Blastoise collection before I focus on getting the newer cards.

I appreciate the random offers for cards but I’m pretty much only interested in these missing cards for now. I’ll worry about getting better quality versions of cards I already have at a later date.

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How much for a PSA 10 Web series unlimited Blastoise? Or are you only interested in raw cards?


I’m mostly interested in Raw cards, but PSA is fine for the right price.

I can’t find a good frame of reference since most sales are for 1st edition.


I honestly do not know too, I see TCA putting a charizard 1st edition psa 8 for 700!


I always consider Blastoise half the charizard prices usually

I was thinking of like 1500? Is it overpriced? Honestly where is any sales report here if we both need

Sorry if that price is strange, but I am comparing to TCA’s that’s all

@ahmadu90 , I wouldn’t really count tca his stuff is usually higher than most. He has a crystal ho oh boxtopper 9 up for $1000

A 1st Edition Blastoise sold for <$400 recently


I got a few blastoises for sale:

psa 9 no stage error blastoise
bgs 9 1996 japanese base blastoise
raw no rarity blastoise

Thank you for clarifying all :blush:

do you need a psa 10 plasma storm blastoise?

Depends on the prices. You have pics?

Depends on how much

Yeap I can send you pics. Which ones were you interested in?

All three if possible

I have a PSA 10 Web Unlimited Dark Blastoise, I’ve had the card for years, DM me if you are interested. Thanks.


have a 1st Edition Base Blastoise, happy to send pics if you care. thanks!

No thanks unless it’s portuguese.

I already have every other 1st edition blastoise AFAIK

Updated the main post to add the Tekno chrome Blastoise I’m missing

Bump, check the new updated want list