Buying Blastoise Cards!!! Or Trainer Deck B!!!

Hey there. I’m trying to get the last tidbits for my Blastoise Collection!!


Missing Rarity Japanese Base Set Blastoise

Any miscut Base Blastoise

Portuguese First Edition Base Set Blastoise

Italian First Edition Base Set Blastoise

Dutch First Edition Base Set Blastoise

***Sparkle Chrome Topps Blastoise

Tekno Chrome Topps Blastoise***

And any other unique, weird, third-party, error, etc, Blastoise Cards you have or can think of.

Also looking for any Trainer Deck B Blastoise Cards, Sealed Decks, or Unsealed Decks.

I have a few things for trade, but not much. Mostly just Paypal/Cash.


Latios EX (Luster Purge), 7 Plasma Storm TCGO codes, 94 assorted Plasma Storm Commons/Uncommons

Plasma Storm Reverse Holos: Klang, Lampent, Durant, Magnemite, Litwick, Liepard, and Escape Rope

Plasma Storm Holos: Klinklang

Plasma Storm Rares: Jellicent, Braviary, Leavanny, Snorlax, and Scrafty

1 Base Set Blastoise

3 Base Set 2 Blastoise

2 1st Edition Holo Dark Blastoise

1 Holo Dark Blastoise

1 Non-Holo Dark Blastoise

1 Reverse-Holo Boundaries Crossed Blastoise

1 Japanese 1st Edition Holo Cold Flare Blastoise

1 Secret Rare Shiny Blastoise

3 Sealed Fossil Booster Packs (2 Lapras, 1 Zapdos)

1 Sealed 9 Card Japanese Neo Folder (With the 9 starters)

Pack Fresh Reverse Holo Entei Promo

I haven’t been here long, and my only trade on Pokegym was unsuccessful (I was scammed :slightly_frowning_face: out of several cards ), however, I do have several references trading through Reddit:

I have a 1999-2000 Blastoise. :blush: I can get you pictures if you’re interested.

I have a sealed trainer deck B… PM me your offer.

How much would you be asking for it?

PM me. :blush:

elam18; do you still have that Trainer Deck B?

yes, pm me your offer.

I have:
13/95 - Rare

I have that one already.

T_T okay

Sorry :slightly_frowning_face:

I think I may know a guy with a 1st edition Base set Blastoise.


I only need Portuguese, Dutch, and Italian 1st Edition Base Set Blastoise.

Oops, sorry. I meant to say Portuguese. I’ll take a look around for Dutch too.

Oooh ok!

That would be sooooo awesome if you can get both!

I cant promise either of them, but I will try! PM me with how much you are willing to pay for them. I can either refer you to the people selling them or negotiate a price and get it for you. I know one guy has a Portuguese Blastoise that he has been trying to sell. I will find out if it is 1st edition as soon as I can.

I know where you can get a square cut, no stage error Blastoise and its in mint condition:)


I’ll give you $200 for it :wink:

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Maybe you can work something out with this guy

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Awesome! Just made an offer!