I need Base Set Blastoise cards in my life - 5/12 UPDATE!!!

It could be proved by the shape of the chute the cards go into to be packaged. If the chute has rounded corners then square would be kicked out.

I would to know how a square corner card would not go through the die that gives cards the rounded corners?

Can’t help you there definitively Omahanime.
I do have some Dungeons and Dragons cards that are rounded and some are squared off. They were cut at Wizards of the Coast too.
The explanation I got at the time with the Pokemon (1999) was they were part of an alignment process. Probably done through programming a computer? But I don’t have first hand knowledge of the process.
Glenn may have some knowledge with this he can help you with.


updated the first post. I do own a square cut blastoise. Regardless of how it was cut it’s still a really nice piece to put into my blastoise collection.


tony have you manage to get hold of korean unlimited blastoise

and by the way i have a blastoise 4th print if you want it

Nope.It’s gunna take some deep digging to find that card. lol

and yeah, I’m interested in the 4th print but only if it’s nm/mint.

what you willing to pay for the 4th print blastoise

Depends. I just paid 20 usd for one in excellent condition. shoot me a message.

not sure tbh one of my first sales of single card :blush: whats the going rate i paid £50 for my mint one but thats pack fresh

Shot you a message :wink:.


updated first post. if anyone is interested, I do have spare Blastoise cards in almost every language. I have a bunch of spare PSA cards as well.

Still looking for a near mint / mint No Rarity??

I definitely am

Giving this thread it’s bi-monthly bump/update. Im still on the hunt for no rarity symbol japanese prints.

Not getting any before @pokemonsyndicate though! I swear he is a rare card finding fiend.

I won this lot last night and it looks like its going to be in near shit- mega shit condishions


Well seeing as you’re going for mint only cards can I buy that blastoise off you once you get it? Im sure its shit mint lmao

You could sell the Blastoise for the cost of the lot so the remainder would be free;)

I hope it’s good condition because it looks lime the blastoisr is no where to be found in the last 3 years I’m very happy that the set I’m getting has the blastoise in the best condish

updated the first post. My collection is near complete. I own every variation except for Korean Unlimited and the grey stamp error from the base set.

However, I still need to upgrade some cards. A lot of them are PSA 5-6 condition such as my 1999-2000 UK print.

If you guys know anyone that has an unlimited Korean Blastoise please let me know. I would love to get in contact with them.