PSA 10 Shadowless Blastoise

Hello! I was wondering what the value of a PSA 10 Shadowless Blastoise (NOT 1st Edition) is right now? For fun, I like to keep a tally of the “worth” of my cards, but I can’t seem to find any selling prices for this card :confused:


Maybe 300.00?

i assume you graded it with silversnorlax? nice card by the way

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I will be in touch!

@not Zelda Gilroy Thanks for the info! :blush:

@acebren Yup! It’s my first (of two PSA cards that I received) PSA card, and it’s beautiful :grin: I can see why everyone likes PSA cards lol.

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I’d be careful Must Be pokemon is asking about it.

he’s the guy whos scammed people on youtube for thousands.


IIRC, a PSA 10 Shadowless Zard is worth ~$1,000. The
Blastoise should be worth $500ish-700?? Best bet is to auction it of course. 6:40pm PST ending time usually is the best time to have it end, from my experience.

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Thanks for the heads up @hisoka107!

@patriotsfan117 Thanks for the info! But isn’t a 1st edition shadowless blastoise (PSA 10) around $700-800? I doubt the shadowless would only be $100 less, haha, but that’d be awesome!


Hmm I am not sure, I don’t keep up too much with Blastoise lol. I assumed the first edition would have been ~$1,000. But if it’s $700-800, then $400-500 seems reasonable for the Shadowless PSA 10 :blush:

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My estimate might also be off as well, since I’m not sure how outdated my knowledge of the 1st. ed. blastoise price is as well, haha (no ebay sold listings anymore for a PSA 10 1st ed. blastoise). Seems like everyone is holding onto their PSA cards these days (as opposed to only a few months ago…)! I’m definitely keeping mine forever and ever.

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Awesome card to keep for sure. Congrats on the grade! :blush:

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ugh, if you ever do wish to part with this piece in your collection please get in touch with me as I will offer heavily

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@desi You’ll be the first to know if I ever do so! :blush:

Blastoise is one of the harder cards to grade from Shadowless. I was looking for over a year for one. Eventually bought one from a guy who we had been talking for 4-5 months about it. I’d say it’s definitely > $300, but less than $500. It’s one of those cards that can explode bc there’s no data on it and the POP has been stagnant for a long time.

Same note… Anyone with a gem Shadowless Charizard… I’m game.

Honestly, if I would be lucky enough to see one for sale, I would definitely pay $500 for one. I’m collecting the entire shadowless set in PSA 10 down to the energies. I’m just missing 4 holos and Blastoise happens to be one of them.


Are you missing a Venuaaur by chance?

No. Just Blastoise, Charizard, Ninetales, and Mewtwo.

Hey brooooo welcome to the forum :blush:. That blastoise is a tough bitch to find.

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we have the same collection goals only i have 5 shadowless in PSA 10 :blush: to be fair only started a week ago haha :blush:

and i so want this card too haha you have a list of people wanting it maybe time for a auction for something ahah too much interest