Eevee Heroes Megathread

Great news for eevee fans, some Information recently dropped about the upcoming ‘Eevee Heroes’ set.

Full info here -

This particular paragraph sounds very promising:
This set will include the biggest volume of Special Art cards ever. Illustrated by long-time artists, as well as ‘fans’ and ‘users’ (those are the terms used).

What’s everyone’s opinions?


Anything eevee-related gets 2 thumbs up from me :blush:

So every Eeveelution will receive a V-version in the heroes set, but there will only be 4 Vmax cards in it. The other 4 Vmax eeveelutions will most likely be in the related Vmax special set, which comes with 8 packs of eevee heroes and 1 promo pack, which in turn contains only one of the remaining 4 vmax eeveelutions. It could be worse though, they could have put all 8 vmax cards in the promo packs.

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Pokémon is killin it with modern!


Cant wait for Sylveon to be cut from the International set to be a promo for a collection box to get rid of Crimson Invasion packs


@effectspore, cheer up, at least they won’t be doing that with Marnie


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On topic though: cool to see an entire set dedicated to the Eeveelutions. Looking forward seeing the artworks and what else will be in the set. :blush:



Looking forward to this. I’m hoping for some great looking Eeveelution V cards. Gives me an EX Delta Species vibe where the 3 original eeveelutions got the exs for that set.

Omg more Flareon cards?!?!? I’m so excited, this might be the first set modern set I pre-order


They’re all getting, a normal V, full art, rainbow and possible an alternative art?

what if there was a secret version where they took artwork from the older sets and made it a full art variant?

So incredibly hyped for this!!

Just checked - Vivid Voltage had 8 V Pokemon in it so that means EVERY V Pokemon in Eevee Heroes is an Eeveelution!! :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

Hopefully when we get it in August (Sword & Shield 7) not too many are made into collection box promos.

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This is great news thanks for sharing! That May release date will come so quickly

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Why did it take 25 years for them to make both a pikachu- and eevee-based set?
Spoiler warning: here’s what the secret rare chase card in the set looks like


Finally a set with an actual decent theme to it. Looking foward to this one

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I’ve missed preorders on all the website I know and trust. Oof.

Doesn’t release until May 28th. Its a main set so should be lots of reprints if the first bunch sells out quickly.

Pokémon Center, Amazon Japan and Japan You Want haven’t listed their’s yet either.

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I was under the impression it was a special set.

It will be more hyped than some previous Special Sets but it is just a standard 30-pack booster box at the usual RRP

oh shit. My wallet is going to feel this.

Wow this looks exciting !!! Umbreon ftw :wink:

hope they have some amazing full arts